Kiwi Crate June Subscription Box~Nature Explorer

Recently I discovered a monthly subscription box for children 3-6 yrs old. If you don’t know about subscription boxes you are missing out! They are becoming very popular lately. You pay a fee, depending on the box some get cheaper if you choose a longer subscription, I have only done monthly so far. Every month you receive a box the various companies put together. I was lucky enough to get a free Kiwi Crate and I had been thinking of signing up already so I signed up my 3 1/2 year old. I think this may be a bit old for him, he is a bit immature and still babyish, but it was adorable and he loved the idea of him getting mail. I think my 6 yr old was jealous though, so Kiwi Crate offers an option to add a sibling! That is perfect. The box is $19.95 for the monthly membership and you can add a sibling for $7.95 with free shipping. Save $10 on your first box! The price does go down if you choose a longer subscription. Sorry for the not so great pictures. I thought after we opened it I should do a review. We have not done the crafts yet. My son did use his scissors to cut up a Monsters Inc box of cookies 🙂 We just got the box last week and he has been having some bad days.

This is what you see when you open your box. It has a pair of scissors. This box also came with a pack of 4 fat crayons that my son loved! They were perfect for his little hands. Unfortunately he took off with the crayons, broke one in his carseat somehow and ate the box. Yes, I have a paper eater. I didn’t know he took it in the carseat and was shocked it was broken. They were really fat.



These are the two crafts you will be making. The kit comes with everything to make these. On the back of this was a cute little cut out to color and a sticker. He immediately took off with them.



This is definitely one I think he may be too young for. It comes with a cute little star punch and paper, everything to make it, but we already discussed he is a paper eater, so not so sure when this one will happen 😉


I can definitely see him loving this. It is a little cardboard box to color and add inserts too and go and collect things. His favorite thing to collect outside lately is rocks and flowers for mommy.


I can say I was happy with this box. I look forward to more and since I just got my shipping notice tonight for this month’s box, I guess I won’t be able to add my other son till next month. But I think with 4 crafts we can keep them busy for a little while.  If you would like to try out Kiwi Crate, save $10 on your first month’s box by clicking here. Stay tuned for this month’s review and I have other boxes coming….


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