July Stork Stack Review “Ready, Set, Summer”


I told you another review was coming soon! I got my July Stork Stack box today. Well, my husband brought it home to me. I have all of my subscription boxes delivered to his work address in the US 😉 We have been getting Stork Stack for a few months now and I feel it has been pretty consistent on things I like. I know there are some months you look at it and can’t believe they charge as much as they do but others you more than get moneys worth. This month was a so so month.


This card comes with every stack. On the front it tells you what the theme was and the various brands that were included in this month’s stacks. 
On the back it lists each item and their retail price.


Sometimes the item prices are deceiving in these lists because you will often get samples or smaller versions on the retail product. Normally, this is just fine with me because I like trying out new items that I might not have known about. But this month I was a little disappointed.

So on to the box opening! This stack was for a 5 month old boy.


This month’s box had 5 items.

The first item was a Baby Banz reversible bucket hat. It lists the retail value as $19.00. I found it for $10.99 on Amazon. Its cute and looks like it will fit, the baby was super grump tonight though so I didn’t want to make it worse.

The second was a Melissa & Doug Caterpillar Grasping Toy. It lists the retail value as $7.99 Amazon has it for $6.22. My 5 month old little boy loved it right away!


The third item was a book. The Big Hungry Bear from Child’s Play International. Retail price $7.99 Amazon price $5.59. I always love books in our boxes. My 3 yr old usually likes to read them when I read them to the baby.

The fourth item was definitely a disappointment to me. It was 5 sample packs of Supergoop sunscreen. Normally I love getting sunscreen samples to try because these boxes do the natural ones I like but this one uses the 4 ingredients I avoid: avobenzone,homosalate,octisalate and octocrylene. The amount in each sample pack won’t be enough for even one of my children. I will probably let the older kids, myself or my husband use them up but will not put them on the 3 younger boys. Big disappointment there.

The fifth item in our box was an Earth Mama Angel Baby Calming Lavender Shampoo & Body wash. Retail $4.95. Amazon didn’t offer this size bottle so we will just stick with the retail price.

Total Retail price: $39.93

Total Amazon pricing:$27.75

I didn’t include the Supergoop in either of these prices because they are samples.

Overall it was a decent box. I will use it all(except maybe the Supergoop) but the items I feel I paid for were good. I did also have a credit this month so I got $10 off the box. Stork Stack charges $27.99 a month for the monthly plan. You can save by doing 3, 6, 12 month plans. Sign up here and use this referral code to receive $10 in Stork Bucks, 023C9FB7


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