Feeling helpless and overwhelmed

Over a year ago my 3 1/2 year old son caught a stomach virus. It was your typical bug, vomiting and diarrhea, and he seemed to get over it, but the next week his entire body broke out in hives. At first, just small then over him from head to toe. His eyes were swelling shut. We took him to the ER. I had talked with a pharmacist the day before, thinking he was have a food reaction because food allergies run in my husband’s family and another one of our boys has a dairy allergy. She asked if he had been sick and said it was quite common with young children for them to develop hives after an illness like that. So we knew why he was getting them, he had to get a steroid from the hospital and then we had to keep him on antihistamines to get the hives under control. After that he couldn’t handle dairy. This is something we saw with our oldest son when he had a stomach virus once, take away the dairy, they get better, slowly add it back in. But this time, we weren’t able to add it back in. He seemed to be lactose intolerant. No big deal because we had the alternative products already in the house, most of the meals I cooked were dairy free or I made something else. We already ate like that. But the stomach problems weren’t always gone. I thought it was just where I would mess up and forget and he would have diarrhea again.

The week before we were scheduled to have our 6th baby, a stomach virus ran through our house. My poor little boy got sick again. He was worse than anyone else. It lasted about 4 days, since then he has had diarrhea often, it was going sometimes 5-6 times a day and in the middle of the night. I was getting concerned. So I took him to the dr. The dr wasn’t much help. He had blood tests done, I asked for iron, because he was always telling me he was tired and looked pale. His iron was good. The dr didn’t give me any suggestions. We went back a month later.In this month I had talked with a woman I had met years ago. She owns a local health food store and helps me with vitamins and homeopathic remedies. She suggested taking him off dairy(he was already), meats and wheat. So we thought, meats are the easiest. We started substituting ground turkey for ground beef and eating a lot of chicken. He got a little better. But it wasn’t gone. I told the dr this and he said, just keep doing what you are doing. No advice, no help, nothing. So, I thought, I can do this, his stomach just needs to heal. I can figure out what is going on. I wasn’t getting help from the dr so I would do what I could do.

I can’t do this. I keep trying to figure out what’s wrong. Just when I think we have it, he has a setback. I finally tried calling the pediatrician 2 weeks ago. He had seen her as a baby, they told me I needed my dr to refer him again since it had been over a year. I called them, no answer, 2 days I tried, no answer. I thought they must be on vacation. I tried again last week, this time they really are on vacation. Today they were closed. So I have to call them in the morning. I have to get him seen by someone who can help. I think he is having a gluten intolerance. My poor little 3 yr old boy can barely eat anything without stomach cramps and diarrhea. The past 6 months he has gotten moodier and more emotional and we are never sure, is it from the baby being here or is it from his stomach? I just want an answer. I want to help my little boy feel better and know what I can or can’t feed him. The world of gluten free is confusing and overwhelming, everything has gluten. I don’t really know where to begin….


2 thoughts on “Feeling helpless and overwhelmed

    • Thank you! I am going to read through both of those sites. Our family dr will not refer him until he gets a stool sample and the results back, something that should have been done 4 months ago when I first took him in. It is so frustrating to have to sit by and wait. And now my son has had a 3 day stretch of diarrhea so he usually goes for a day or two with nothing then the cycle starts again(lately he has only been having one bad day though not 3). So, here is hoping he has something produced today 😉

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