July Kiwi Crate Review~Wonders of Water


We got our July Kiwi Crate yesterday! This one is really fun. We didn’t get the little kiwi stuffed animal some got 😦 But I might order one for Carter.

The theme for this month was Wonders of Water. For those of you that don’t know, Kiwi Crate is  a monthly craft subscription box’s for ages 3-7. I get it for Carter and meant to add on Riley last month but forget. This is only our second month getting it. Carter loves it. You can add a sibling on for $7.95 and they get the exact same crafts the first child gets. I will give you more info on subscribing later.

When you open the box you see the card pictured above with the boxes theme. Turn that over and you have a cute little coloring picture and a sticker. Carter loves the stickers.


When you take that out you see your two craft booklets.


These will tell you all about the craft and the supplies it came with, directions to do it. This month’s crafts are my floating sailboat and my watercolor animals.

Here is everything that came in the box.


The first craft: my watercolor animals we actually did today. 4 of my kids did this and it was so easy and they had fun. It was a nice thing to do when we got home from the doctor. And Carter shared his animals with his 6 year old brother, the older 2 got coffee filters and used those(the paper is the same material as a coffee filter


It included extra paper that you can use later on to make more animals. Each boy did two and the older kids had their coffee filters.


It was so fun to have them doing something together without fighting! And I was so proud of my 3 yr old for sharing all of the things he got in his box


The second craft is called my floating sailboat. We haven’t done this one yet, I made him save it fir another day

IMAG1018 IMAG1019


This crate also included two experiements!

IMAG1021 IMAG1022

We are really enjoying our crates and I am so glad I signed up. The box is $19.95 per month, f you would like to sign up and save $10 click here.


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