Went to the pediatrician today

Although I still have no answers, I feel like we are one step closer to figuring this out.

She is a really sweet dr, too bad I have to drive an hour to get there. I took my 12 yr old to help with the baby, she was such a help, I couldn’t have done it without her. So Carter, the 3 yr old, is always very nervous with doctors, ever since he had an abscess as a baby and had to have surgery to drain it. He was so sick and went through so much that I think he associated that to being at the dr. Today he was ok at first, he played with the toys and was happy, even when we went in the room. She had a student dr. Very nice and pretty and Mason loved her 😉  But when she wanted to check Carter’s ears he had a breakdown. He caught a cold this week too so that didn’t help his mood.

The dr came in and we went over everything. The plan is to get him tested for celiac disease, there is a blood test, also checking iron because he is always so pale. His last iron was ok but she said a little low. I have to check our local hospital because the private labs charge for the celiac test and she said most hospitals won’t. She does not believe he has celiac because he is gaining weight and has had no blood. But there is obviously something not right. She is referring him to a gastroenterologist now because there is a 3 month waiting list after you get an appointment. I doubt it will be gone by then but I don’t want invasive procedures done unless absolutely necessary. She agreed and is going to send the referral. Basically, we didn’t accomplish much today but I feel better knowing we are starting. Carter has had a bad week with his stomach so I hope it gets better. The dr wants us to feed him normally but keeping him with the dairy alternatives. But I think after the blood test we may try to stick with gluten free products to see if it will help. I have noticed an increase in his problems when he has had gluten. So not a real update but kind of.


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