I think I have actually missed hockey

My 10 year old son plays hockey from September to March, the 6 year old started last year too.  Justin has played since 1st grade and in the beginning I only watched him. The whole time. I still don’t completely understand the rules but I finally figured out what icing is 😉

So for the past 3 summers we have put him in 3 on 3 hockey. He loves it and it keeps him up where some of the kids who have been playing since they were younger are. And its a nice way to get out of the heat on a hot summer night, especially after we sit through Riley’s soccer games.

I think a lot of my not wanting to deal with hockey, or any sport for that matter was because I had to drag all of my children out everywhere. And with a bunch of little boys that gets difficult. But now I have babysitters. Before the baby was born I was able to go to hockey games and sit and watch and enjoy them. So I actually started watching the game, not just my son! Sometimes I found myself trying to find him because I didn’t know where he was. I am not one of those moms that will scream and yell at their kid, the coach, the other team, etc. But sometimes I want to go punch those moms in the face.

Anyway, I lost the thought. I realized tonight as I sat holding my baby looking through the foggy glass and my boy, I have missed hockey. I love watching him play hockey. As much as I hate dragging things out or being stuck at the arena all night. Its a pretty exciting sport. I was raised a football fan. My dad watched football, the Cincinnati Bengals. That was his team, doing good or not, he loved them. Growing up, I always thought I would have boys that played football. I never imagined I would end up in another country where football wasn’t as big. Canadians like it I’m sure. We have even gotten to go watch the Buffalo Bills in Toronto two years in a row thanks to our cheerleading daughters. But hockey really is the Canadian sport. Its everywhere. And, even though I wish my boys played football, hockey isn’t so bad. I have met some really great families through Justin’s teams, people I never would have gotten to know otherwise.

And to top it off, he got a penalty shot tonight. So that excitement I felt before that was even more when I saw him skate over to the bench with a big smile on his face. He plays defense during the year and because he isn’t the fastest or most aggressive player, most of his scoring chances have been in the summer hockey. But seeing his sweet smiling face makes it all worth it.

justin at hockey

This is Justin two years ago but will always be one of my favorite pictures of him. He was trying to be silly and not smile for me but I caught him and that smile just lights up my day


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