We took Carter to get his blood taken today.

We had to drive about 45 minutes to get to a hospital that would test for Celiac disease for free. How silly is it that a simple blood test OHIP can’t cover? Maybe it isn’t simple but I think its ridiculous. Testing for this could rule out so many other problems that we wouldn’t need to go to the doctor over and over again!  Our local labs(either private or hospital) wanted $90-120 to do the test. Testing him is the only way to see if he has it. I am praying he doesn’t but even if it comes back negative he could still have a gluten intolerance. He had a good week last week, until today.

The poor boy though, I felt terrible. His last blood work we did in our town. My husband took him because the baby was just born. He said that Carter did so good! And the lady doing the blood draw was great with him, I have been there and she is. So he went with us today and I waited in the waiting room. I could hear the screams. My heart broke and I wanted to cry. He cried over and over. He is a bit of an over reactor sometimes but Mike said that she wasn’t nice doing it and just jabbed it in. Seriously?! We went to a children’s hospital! He said she was definitely not the nurturing kind of person. I was so sad for my boy and I know now if he has to go get another blood draw he will not go willingly. This one he did so good, wasn’t afraid or anything. Maybe I will be lucky and he won’t have to get it done again.

And I got the appointment for him to see the gastroenterologist. Its not until Oct. 30 but we are on our way to figuring this out! I am still so confused with him. How could he have gluten issues if he had no diarrhea all week but still are gluten containing foods? So I don’t know how long it will take to get the results but we will find out soon.


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