Being thrown up on at 3 am was not how I wanted my night to go.

My poor baby was a little fussy last night. Honestly I can’t remember if he was coughing or what, I think he might have been so I had him propped over my shoulder, when all of a sudden he threw up all over me. My back, him, the bed. He did it twice. And then fell right back to sleep. We think he has some food intolerances. I am breastfeeding and I eliminated dairy months ago. I also think he may have a nut issue. Great. So yesterday when we went to get Carter’s blood taken I had an egg salad sandwich. There are times I think he may have an egg issue then the next won’t.  So I was down to thinking it was either 1. he was coughing on phlegm and it made him throw up 2. a stomach virus(he also had what seemed to be diarrhea last night) or 3. egg issues. He has a nasty diaper rash too, he has never had a rash like this, bright red and everywhere. We use cloth diapers and I had to put him in pampers loaded with aveeno cream. It looks better but still there.

Now the egg salad is the question really. No on else in the house is sick( except this cold he & I have) and he doesn’t seem to be acting sick either. So either the egg salad had dairy in it, it did have big nasty onions, or he is not tolerating eggs anymore.

It has been so hard with him. trying to find what bothers him and finding foods I can eat. Just as I find something, it seems he can’t tolerate it. My husband’s family has food allergies and intolerances and it seems all 4 of our boys do also(6 year old is allergic to dairy). I nursed for 2 1/2 years while eliminating dairy before, I know I can do it. But now it gets hard! I can’t drink the almond milk I like because it bothers Mason, I can’t eat the granola bars I like. I know I can do this. I know I will for my little boy. But why does it have to be so hard? I feel so bad for them, I pray his isn’t going to be a life threatening allergy. I feel like we got lucky that Riley’s isn’t. He gets hives and behavioral problems but it doesn’t require an epi-pen and I don’t worry he will die if he has it accidentally.

I know those are things we won’t know for awhile. I am terrified to even begin solids with him because  I worry what will bother him. I have to get an idea of what is bothering him now before we even make that leap.

I just find it strange also our girls have no food issues at all! Nothing, but all 4 boys do,  one has lactose intolerance,  one dairy allergy, one who knows whats going on and now Mason) . Its like it was just the male gene or something. Anyone heard of this before?


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