3 years ago today I started cloth diapering


This is Carter in his very first cloth diaper, a Happy Heiny pocket in large. He had such a cute bubble butt. I still have that diaper and he wears it often. Its actually one of the few that fit him well still! He has gone up and down and fit different ones over the past 3 yrs but he is not ready to potty train so he is still wearing diapers.

I had actually thought about it soon after our 5th baby was born. I had looked into things here and there but wasn’t sure where to start. Then I found the message board Diaperswappers. I got so much advice on what to start with. Now, unfortunately for me, my baby was a monster boy. He was huge and had giant thighs. I tried some one size diapers that just didn’t work, so the members at DS suggested going straight to larges. I was excited. My first day I had barely enough diapers to get him through the day.  I was changing him every hour because it is harder to tell when cloth is wet. I had to stop that quickly with so few diapers.

Its amazing how something so simple can change your life though. Everyone thought I was insane, but really they think that anyway just because I have 6 children. There have been times cloth has been hard, when Carter had the staph infection and we didn’t know and he was so sick I couldn’t barely find time to wash clothes let alone diapers. Or when Mason was born and I was in the hospital, but Mike said he would wash them and he did, both sets of diapers.

Now in theory you save money while cloth diapering. But in reality, most moms that cloth diaper become addicts and like to buy as many as possible. This is where I developed a problem. I love diapers. I love cute prints and as I diapered Carter I came to learn what diapers I liked, what worked the best and what didn’t. I sold some and bought many.


Mason at a week old in his first cloth diaper. Look at those little legs.IMG_2213This is our stash. Top shelf are Mason’s and bottom is Carter’s. A lot of Mason’s came from Carter but were too small and now too big for him. Carter doesn’t have as many because he doesn’t need changed as often. We have a nice stash 😉


My boys in matching diapers(well close to matching)


The boys all wanted a picture together 🙂


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