My 3 year old ate the baby’s carseat

Yesterday I was feeding Mason and came out to my other kids telling me Carter wrecked the carseat handle.  How could he wreck the handle?  Its a handle, what could he possibly have done? I look at it. There is a little foamy grip that you carry it with and apparently he decided to eat it. Yes eat it!  There are chunks missing! And not just the top. He must have put the entire thing in his mouth and bit it. He has been known to chew on things. I find it strange but probably pretty normal. I thought breastfeeding till he was almost 3  he wouldn’t have weird chewing issues but he also never took a pacifier so maybe that’s why. The why does matter I guess, he just does. I hope he didn’t swallow the pieces.  I don’t want to find them later.



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