I have a bit of an addiction problem

Its not what you might think. It all started about 3 years ago. I don’t know how long before that it was, but I became a fan of a website called Babysteals. Babysteals is a daily deal site that offers deals to moms on baby related items. I was showed this site because a friend on one of my playgroups is  close friends to the owner. I bought here and there. But summer 2010 I started seeing these diaper bags. They were expensive bags at around half the retail cost. I would see these bags and think, “I can’t even afford to buy them at half price, or would even want to!” So it went on, I was always intrigued by them but never ordered and most of the time they were sold out before I got there anyway.

So one day, I think it was in November, I said what the heck, they had some cute little wristlets on, I think they were under $20, so I ordered one! I was so excited to see what it was all about.

When it came, I knew. I knew what all the fuss was. I knew why they were so loved. This wristlet wasn’t just a wristlet, it was beautiful and made so well, and well, Carter loved it. It was the only thing that made him happy when we had to go to Justin’s hockey practices. He would sit and hold it and chew on the strap. I have a picture of him somewhere with it. But because I can’t find it right now you will have to be happy with the wristlet alone. Yes I photograph my bags. Well, I had thought about selling this one, then I couldn’t bear to so I kept it. But I haven’t used it in awhile.

cs mine

This is only the beginning. There will be more. But this is the story of how I became a Pink Lady. Pink Ladies are members of the Pink Room. The Pink Room is  special message board set up for addicts like myself. This only begins the story of how I became a Ju Ju Be addict. Stay tuned 😉


One thought on “I have a bit of an addiction problem

  1. I have this one too! i thought about selling it but cant, however i started with a pretty tweet quick… a few months before you!

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