I know you have been waiting

I’m sure you have been on the edge of your seats waiting for more about my addiction.  In the beginning it was innocent enough. I joined the Pink Room and started dreaming of what bag I would save up for. Funny that first bag was actually one of the last I ever tried. Then Ju Ju Be came up on another deal site. This time it was Gilt. It was right after Christmas and my wonderful husband told me I could get something. I agonized over what to get and still regret not getting something I chose not to. Gilt takes awhile for shipping so I knew it would also be a long time until I got my bags. So I started looking at the b/s/t in the Pink Room. Now Pink Ladies take very good care of their bags. Often they still look brand new. I found one I fell in love with. Back then I still thought the colors of my bag should match the gender of my child. Oh silly me. But I will still always hold a special place in my heart for that print. So, in reality, even though I had ordered 2 others on Gilt, my first real Ju Ju Be diaper bag was a Blue Bouquet Packabe.


Behold the beautiful Blue Bouquet Packabe. She will be forever with me. Even if I only use her once a year.

For those of you who know Ju Ju Be, you know their bags are not like normal diaper bags. They are beautiful for one 😉 They can also be washed in the washing machine. Seriously, how fabulous is that? I have had some nasty stuff spilled in my bags and just toss it in a pillow case and it comes all clean. The have magnets instead of velcro and all metal hardware. There are hooks to clip their special stroller hooks on and pockets all over, they are just the best bags ever.

So after I got my BB packabe I kind of went overboard, as happens often to new Pink Ladies. You get caught up in the need to try every single type of bag. And then there are the different prints! So I went on to buy a be light in Groovey Garden. I used to to carry my baby wrap in. And so I had my first little stash shot.  But this isn’t overboard, not yet.



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