Now on to more Ju Ju Be

So after probably eternity, or about a month, my Gilt order finally came!

I was super excited. I had ordered a Purple Paisley Be Spicy and a Cloud Break Mini Be. I had not planned on Riley taking over the mini but he did and he looked adorable so I let him use it. And now Carter uses it too since Riley has a real school backpack.  And sometime in there I bought a Blue Bouquet Be Smart with a pouch. I told you I went a little over board.


But aren’t they so bright and cheerful. Just looking at them made me happy and I would practice packing them and unpacking them trying to find just the right way.


This was my JuJuBe stash at the end of January 2011. I thought this was a nice looking group and wouldn’t need much more

I didn’t tell anyone about my new hobby. I knew no one would understand. So I just kept visiting the Pink Room. And I met people like me. And some I thought were crazy. There were some of these diaper bag obsessed women who had so many bags. They would take pictures. I would look at those pictures and think why do they need so many?! I would never need that many bags. And why the same bag in different prints. That just makes no sense. Hahaha, how little did I know….


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