This boy and his teeth

After 6 children I have finally gotten one that has a ton of teeth. None of my other 5 got teeth as fast as him. He is super grumpy tonight and I know there is a tooth right at the edge of his gums. He wears and amber teething necklace but I take it off at night, too much anxiety for me.

He just got two new teeth last week. He gets them in pairs it seems, so he now has 6 teeth, until tomorrow when I think he will have 7. I would have to look it up but I think most of the kids only had two at 8 months old, maybe 4 at the most. I can always tell when he is getting them though, And tonight he is really tiring me out.


My husband said I’m old.

Ok, he didn’t really say I am old. He said I am older. But I take that as I am old.

I was talking to him about how tired I have been lately. I feel completely totally exhausted. Baby isn’t sleeping well, he wants me to hold him through every nap and at night too. Sometimes at bed I can get him to sleep in his crib for an hour or so, sometimes 3, sometimes long enough to run and turn all the lights off.

So I deal with him till usually 1 am. Then I try to sleep, he wakes up, wants to sleep with me. Then either he will wake up(like last night he decided it was time to play at 1:30 and did this till 3:30) or one of the other kids comes waking me up at 5 am or I hear screams from Carter because his room is too dark. Seriously, I am wiped out completely.

So the other night, I was feeling weird, dizzy, upset stomach. I have never felt like this before. So I told him that, he says, “well, you aren’t 22 anymore” Really?! Really?! Do you want to make me feel crappier cause I know I am old now? I know he didn’t mean it to be mean but he also knows I don’t want to get old. And he is right, I don’t sleep well, I haven’t since our oldest was born, when I was 22.

Yesterday, my sister in law was here, so she played with Carter and I got to take a nap. Oh, I felt so much better. It was only about an hour but it made my whole afternoon so much easier.

Now I feel like I am about to pass out from exhaustion, but I can’t because kids need me. And just as soon as I will try to go to bed tonight, the baby will wake up. I haven’t even made dinner yet. I think its a pizza night

Jamberry Nails giveaway

I really should have posted about this sooner, but it escaped my sleep deprived mommy brain 😉

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I started selling Jamberry nail wraps. Jamberry nail wraps are vinyl nail wraps that you apply with heat and pressure. I absolutely have fallen in love with them, so I decided to share my love with my friends and family and start selling them to hopefully make some extra money to do things with my too fast growing children.

So for the month of September I had announced all orders placed would be put in a drawing for September’s Sister’s Style wrap, Bella Romantica.

belI put these on at the beginning of the week and they are absolutely beautiful. I normally don’t like black nails but the gold accents really made them stand out. They are so pretty.

bellaThese were mine 🙂

Jamberry has so many different designs, solids, French tips, holiday designs. They are amazing and actually so easy to apply. Even if I didn’t sell them, I would buy them, so I figured this was the best of both worlds. I get to share something I love with my friends and have fun doing it. My daughters love them as much as I do.

12 days

These were my 12 year old’s nails after 12 days. I painted some of her nails with Zoya nail polish and you can see how well that held up compared to the wraps. She wore them for at least another week, lol. She did not want to take them off and let them fall off on their own. Silly girl. You can see she had some nail growth in that time but that never bothers me until around the 12 day point.  Jamberry says the wraps last up to 2 weeks on fingers and up to 6 weeks on toes. I think it really depends on what you like also though. If you want to wear them as long as possible like I do, you can get longer out of them 😉

Each sheet comes with 18 wraps and each wrap will cover 2-3 nails, so you could get a lot out of one sheet. I try to save as much of them as possible, if your nails are shorter you could easily get 3 uses out of one wrap.  My mom did, I mailed her samples and she showed me this photo of one wrap on 3 fingers.

momShe works in a bakery so I can’t wait to see how they hold up for her. But I am a busy mom and mine hold up great. I love that they don’t cheap and you don’t have to worry about ruining them before they are dry. I really never paint my nails anymore. Who has time with a baby? And I have never actually had a pedicure because I don’t have the time or the money to do it. This solves that.

If you are interested in ordering, or have any questions at all let me know!.

Here is my site:

Tammy’s Jamberry Nails

I got a new planner that I wanted to share!

I see people all the time talking about planners and Erin Condren seems to be the big one.  I saw on one of my boards someone mention Plum Paper. I did not want to spend the money on an Erin Condren one. Yes they look fabulous but it was going to be a lot of money. So I looked and really liked the way they looked and they had a daily personalization option on the family planner. So here are my pictures!

front cover name deletedThis is the front cover, I deleted our last name. It has a plastic, frosted cover, which is great because I sat it in water right after opening it.

front cover name deleted2

Here is is after you open the plastic cover. You can have whatever you want put on the cover. ( I should add you can have a photo or choose one of their designs, you can have whatever wording you would like)

IMG_3105I really like the tabs on the side you can flip to.

IMG_3106It has the year calendar for 2013 & 2014

IMG_3107You can choose to start your planner in any month you want. They also give you the option to add more months. I chose October 2013 and was hoping to get it in time. They shipped it way faster than I thought it would be so was really happy I have it in time.

Each month has a page like this at the beginning.

IMG_3108There is a page after the month title page for notes.


Month view, has a place for birthdays, events and notes. I had been looking at Paper Coterie planners. I loved that you could add tons of photos to it but they only had the option for a month view or a weekly view and I really wanted both.


This is really why I chose Plum Paper. You can personalize up to 7 different sections on their weekly page. That is perfect for us because we have 8 people, I added my husband and me together because we have less to do. I bought some special pens for my calendar  saw on a Erin Condren review, they are Paper Mate Flair pens/markers. They have 12 different colors(except one of the kids stole my black). So I am going to use a different color for each person, that’s what I have been doing on our hanging calendar. It is really great to see everyone stand out and know when each on needs to be somewhere.

namesCloser look at the names. You can choose anything you want, it doesn’t need to be names.

IMG_3112At that end of the weekly pages there is another notes page. Then the next month begins.

IMG_3113At the very back of the book is a little pocket to keep things. It isn’t huge but would hold small papers, I might try to stick my pens in a bag or something and keep them there 😉

Plum Paper is on Etsy. They can be hard to get open because they are or have had a baby and only take limited orders. I love this planner. It was a little pricey. $35 plus $10 shipping but was cheaper than Erin Condren and I will know if I am actually using it enough to pay more, or I may decide this is the perfect thing for me. I did only get a 12 month book because I was afraid anything longer would make is seriously fat and not fit in my diaper bag well. I forgot to take a picture of how thick it was.

So while I can’t truly say how it compares to an EC, if you think you don’t want to spend the money why not try Plum Paper.

September Kiwi Crate~Modern Art

We got our September Kiwi Crate last week. I have to say I am really excited to do this one! Kiwi Crate is a monthly craft subscription box. We have been getting it for a few months now and I am thrilled with it. We get the sibling add on. They say this box is targeted for 3-8 year olds but my 10 & 12 year olds really enjoy joining in the crafts.

This month’s crate was Modern Art.


The crafts in the box are my color block painting and my hanging mobile. Kiwi Crate gives you all the supplies to do the two crafts. When you do the sibling add on they give you enough for both children but things like markers you only get one set of. It only costs $7.95 to do the add on so I think it is definitely worth it.


On the back of the picture page they have a cute little cut out to color, it also has two stickers(because we do the sibling add on)

The inside of the box has a little scene that you can play with the little cut outs.


They just started doing these cute little magazines, I believe last month was the first time. They have little stories, pictures to color etc. The boys really like them.  And we get two.

IMG_2921These are the instruction books for each craft. On the front they tell you how difficult each one is, showing how much parental involvement is needed.


Each book gives you a page with the supplies needed and then instructions, pretty easy to understand and pictures to help kids know what to do .



I love the little easels and they have little tags that you can put on the pictures they paint. It came with some nice little canvases and paper as well. I absolutely love Kiwi Crate! It comes with everything you need to do the crafts so you don’t have to go around finding supplies at home, it is all in that little box. The crafts are wonderful and my boys have so much fun doing them. I am really glad I signed up for this.

They do also offer individuals crates, without a subscription, they are having a Halloween crate that looks so fun so I am wanting to get that one too 🙂

If you would like to try out Kiwi Crate, click here to save $10 on your first crate. It is $19.95 per month with free shipping, the sibling add on is $7.95.

September Love With Food Gluten Free Box

I have been hearing about Love With Food for awhile so I decided to try it out. Because of my limited diet choices I know a lot of these boxes I am not going to get to eat all the foods but I give them to someone in the house.

Love with food is a monthly food box where members receive hard to find tasty snacks. They deliver 8 or more organic, all natural snacks for as little as $10 a month. For every box they sell, they  donate a meal to several food banks such as the Feeding America Network and Share Our Strength – No Kid Hungry. You can earn points by doing reviews on your box or inviting others to join. You can then use your points to shop for the snacks you love in their shop.


The first thing I tried from this box was the Betty Lou’s Gluten Free Blueberry Fruit bar. It was really good! I have always likes the fruit flavored  newton like cookies and this was really good.  I have actually gone and looked at the site thinking of buying more of these. Because I can’t eat eggs or dairy right now these felt like a nice little treat for me.


Carter and I shared the bag of Bare Fruit Crunchy Cinnamon Apple Chips.  If you know 3 year olds you know they can be picky, but Carter loves these and tried to eat the whole bag. They were like eating a real apple, not as much cinnamon as other dried apples I have eaten so more of the natural flavor. I really liked them and think I may get some of the smaller bags to put in the kids lunches and carry in the diaper bag. I think all of the kids would actually really like these.


Because me and the little boys can eat dairy I let the 3 older kids split the bag of Good Boy Organics Organicasaurus Cheddar Cheese Puffs. They said they were good, Not as cheesy as cheese puffs though. I don’t normally buy cheese puffs so these would be a nice alternative but because the older 3 are older and not really into the dinosaur shape, I doubt we will get these again. I do like that they are organic and non-GMO but sadly, the cheese does it in for us.


This next one is something I really want to try. I really like bruschetta but have not ever eaten artichokes so I am not sure how it will taste but its Natural Roasted Pepper and artichoke bruschetta dip. I think it should be really good with a French bread but it is only a small container so not something I could do for everyone! I think it would be good on some crackers too but my kids ate all the triscuits.


Wild Garden Roasted Garlic Hummis Dip. I will  admit I have never eaten hummis and am a little nervous to try it, I don’t even know what you put hummis on? But I will give it a shot and see. Maybe some crackers? Oh yeah, the kids ate those.


I really wanted to try this. But it contains coconut and the last time I had some coconut Mason was miserable, so another thing I can’t eat. Its a Licious Organics Cherry Berry organic unbaked oat cookie. They are nut,  gluten, soy, dairy and wheat free. It was egg free also(Mason has issues with the eggs I eat) but the coconut makes it not an option for me. I will probably let one of the little boys eat it.


Now these next ones are definitely something I am not so sure on. They are sipping broths from Millies Savory Teas. I think they are meant to be more of a broth drink rather than an actual tea because of the flavors(and the website says so). If you need to be on a liquid diet for some reason these would be a nice alternative. I am really not one to make broth and just eat it but maybe I will find  a use with a dinner recipe.


I sent the YummyEarth Organics fruit snack with Riley to school and forgot to ask him what he thought of them. But since he didn’t complain I have to think he liked them 🙂 I was looking at their site and they have a 50 pack you can get for about $35, they are a little more expensive than the ones I typically get. I do buy the better quality ones not the cheap ones full of crazy ingredients I can’t pronouce so I might think of getting these. I love the idea of the bulk package! These fruit snacks are made with real fruit extracts and no gluten, dairy, nuts, soy, or artificial colors and dyes.


The last thing in my box is something I really would like to try so I am saving it 😉

Its from Cosmo Creations, Cinnamon Crunch. The package says it is heavenly morsels of bakes corn with all natural ingredients you can pronounce. One the girls on my box group said this was really good.  I might try this soon as we are going to attempt to add dairy back in my diet to see if Mason is having an issue.


This was my very first Love with Food box and I was really happy with it.  I think the choices I got were great, even if I couldn’t eat them all, someone in the house will. If you would like to try Love with Food click here.  Right now I am only on the monthly plan which is $12 a month plus $2 shipping. They also offer a deluxe box which has 16-20 snacks, free shipping and is $19.95 a month. I saw a review for the deluxe box and it has multiples of some of the items I received and other things I didn’t. I think for the extra $5 its probably worth it to upgrade since you get free shipping.

August 2013 Kiwi Crate Fun with Flight

Since my September Kiwi Crate has been delivered I think I should actually get my August review done!

Life has just been super busy. This was the first month I had both the boys on the subscription so we got twice the supplies for the crafts! Riley was so excited, he has been waiting to get his turn. Of course with school starting and sports we have been so busy during the weeknights and weekends we haven’t even done them yet, but we will soon.

August’s theme was Fun with Flight.

IMG_2701The boys were excited for rockets and kites!


There is always a picture on the back for your child to color. They included 2 stickers for my boys. Carter colored the picture. Inside the box(which I forgot to take a picture of) there is a little scene, you can cut out the characters and play with them in the box.

IMG_2703This was just a preview of all the upcoming boxes.

IMG_2704Kiwi Crate has started including these little magazines for the children. They even gave us two since we do the sibling add on. They are cute and having pictures to color, things to read. Carter was carrying his around the other day saying he loved it.

IMG_2705They usually include extra little experiments in the crate. We get double for the boys and one little book telling what to do.

IMG_2706All about our projects:
Rad Rockets and Flying Kites

The instruction books are really nice, They are simple to follow and easy enough kids can see what they are supposed to do.

IMG_2710The supplies and instructions

IMG_2711IMG_2707We just did these over the weekend and one thing I absolutely love about these, they give you more than one of the items. Each boy got 2 rockets so they shared with their older brother and sister and I had 4 of the kids working together. They really enjoyed it.

IMG_2709It came with this chart for the kids to measure how high their rockets launched.

IMG_2712 IMG_2708

Supplies and instructions for the Kites

IMG_2713I was really happy with this crate. I love all the things it includes and the boys really enjoy them. Its so nice too that a lot of them have extra things and who would think the 10 & 12 year olds would enjoy them just as much as the 3 & 6 year olds!

Kiwi Crate is $19.95 per month and we do the sibling add on for $7.95. It is definitely worth it for us. If you would like to sign up for Kiwi Crate and save $10 on your first crate use this link.

The September box is coming up as soon as I can type it up! It was a good one!


Busy busy…

I feel like I haven’t had time to post anything lately. I am so behind in my subscription box reviews(I have 4 boxes sitting in the kitchen, one I started the review and another at the post office!) and then there is just busy life.
Since school has started I feel like there is no time for anything. We get up, get ready for school, I take the kids to school, come home, feed the baby, he sleeps(in my arms still which makes it challenging to get anything done!), he wakes up, I make lunch for Carter, baby sleeps again, we go pick up the kids, come home, then, depending on the day, make dinner, do baths, bedtime etc. Of course my luck would have it that my boys hockey practices had to be on the exact days at the girls cheerleading. Why? Why? 2 days in the week(Tues & Thurs) where Hayley has practice, and then Tyleigh has hers on Thurs. Of course, I just knew hockey would come and do this to me. So now Justin has hockey on Tues and yes Riley has hockey on Thurs. So Thursdays will be crockpot dinner night! Last week I made beef stew, the kids love beef stew and I seriously love the crockpot. This week it will be the BBQ chicken recipe I posted here. It is seriously yummy.

As far as our life lately, boy have we been busy!

The baby has turned 8 months old. 8 MONTHS! He was pretty slow to learn things before, he took his time to roll and sit up and I was just fine with it because I know. I know what comes after babies become mobile. And I was in no rush. No rush at all. So a little over a week ago I found him standing in the playpen! Standing! I couldn’t believe it. He was so proud of himse though. A little while later I watched him do it again. The very next day, he learned to crawl. Right before he turned 8 months on the 16th. Now he is all over the place. He doesn’t want to sit still, crawling and trying to climb everything. He reminds me of my oldest. She crawled at 8 months, then was walking by 8 1/2 months. She didn’t want to crawl, she realized she could get there faster while walking. The others all crawled for awhile. But, it seems, little Mason has other ideas. I hope he slows down. I want him to stay little. I want my sweet snuggly baby to last a little while longer. He is still pretty clingy so I think he will be mama’s boy for awhile.

Where did the past 8 months go? It seems like every year goes by faster and faster. I know we are so busy now with the kids activities. Our weekends fly by. I look at Mason and just think he was only just born. And now he is everywhere and becoming a little person.


Yes, Mommy, I did stand up all by myself!

MommiesFirst Subscription Box Review

For quite a few months now I have been hearing about MommiesFirst on my Facebook subscription box groups. Yes I am a member of a few. I had been sticking with the boxes I was getting but I found out about a company based out of Toronto and I thought it would be to get a box delivered to me instead of my hubby’s work. I have heard great reviews of their boxes and decided to contact the company. They offered to send me a box out of their normal delivery schedule and I couldn’t wait to get it.

MommiesFirst is a monthly subscription box that is intended for expecting or new moms of babies up to 12 months old. I wanted to get in before my baby turned a year old. They cost $30 per month(plus taxes if you are in Canada), they do ship to the US. They will include 4-5 products specially chosen for your month of pregnancy or child’s age. So here is my first MommiesFirst box.

IMG_2680Something I really like about MommiesFirst is  how they personalize their boxes. I even got an email from the founder, Lorena, asking me what I thought of the box. It really goes to show that they do care about their customers and what your opinions are.

IMG_2681This is a first look at the box. They include product cards better than any other box I have received and they are all hooked together with a safety pin. This box was mainly focused on baby’s first foods. Unfortunately, while my baby is 8 months old, he has food issues so he is currently still only breastfeeding but these will be useful in the next few months.

IMG_2683IMG_2684The first thing I will talk about is these adorable bird wall decals. Now, I have not done Mason’s room yet because he is still in ours but I know he will love these on my wall until I move him out. They also include a voucher code for custom labels. I love this, I love personalized name tags and plan on getting some of them(and maybe more!). I checked out their website and there are some really cute choices and they have free shipping in Canada! This doesn’t happen often so I was really please.  These items are obviously specially made for MommiesFirst so they weren’t listed on the site to get a price.

IMG_2685Next is a full size container of infant cereal from First Food Organics. After my 3 older children I stopped doing infant cereals so much, I don’t do them as a first food but I do use them from time to time so this is great to have because I won’t have to buy any with this size. The cereal I received is the multigrain one which contains whole grain oats, barley and spelt.  It is recommended for babies over 8 months and eating more foods, not single ingredients.

Retail price $5.99


I think this was actually my favorite thing in the whole box. It just made me smile to pull out this little wooden spoon with the smiley faces! I have never used a wooden spoon for feeding but it is so tiny and cute we are definitely going to give it a  shot. Mason kind of chews on things so I will probably wait until after he outgrows that. I don’t want him to ruin it. Its just too cute.  It is made by White-O-Coccoli and it bamboo. I checked out their website and they have some adorable spoons, bowls and cups. I have to get a turtle spoon 😉 Definitely check out their site for adorable cups, bowls and spoons! White-O-Coccoli

Retail price $4.50

IMG_2687These are Clean Well All Natural Hand sanitizing wipes. I realized the brand of this is actually the same brand as the big orange ones I got from Citrus Lane. These are way more practical. They are a perfect little travel size and fit just right in the mommy pocket of my Ju Ju Be diaper bags. They are a little strong so I would not use them for the baby but I grabbed one when I was in the drive through  to clean my hands after using the debit card machine 😉

Well. ca price $4.29

IMG_2688This is obviously for me 🙂 It is a Ahava Active Deadsea Minerals purifying mud mask. I definitely want to try it out. I need some deep cleansing for my face. It says deeply cleans and detoxifies pores for a fresh, even complexion. I am looking forward to trying it.

$31 for 3.4 oz/100 ml

IMG_2689Two food pouches from Happy Squeeze. One is a Orange Mango Coconut Milk.  I am concerned Mason is allergic to so i will definitely wait for that and the other is pomegranate, blueberry and pear. One their website they actually have these 2 in the kids section not the baby so I am not sure if they are meant for older kids. My little boys love pouch foods, I never really fed them to them as a baby but they have applesauce ones now and I can see how these are so much more convenient to carry in a diaper bag. I may actually end up giving these to Carter because he is very interested in them and with the baby’s food issues it might be awhile before he would even try them.

Lorena actually emailed me after I shared my review to tell me these were for me 🙂

Retail $1.79 each


Another pouch food from Love Child. Love Child Organics is a Canadian company and their site says you can find their products in Walmart. While I don’t really like shopping there, its what we have. This pouch is apples, sweet potatoes, carrots and blueberries. Because it is a variety of foods we will have to introduce each separately first but I like that they are organic and more everyday foods 😉  They are also gluten free.  After reading the package closer it says it also contains quinoa. Love Child Organic is commited to making healthy, good tasting foods. This doesn’t expire until March 2014 so I will probably hang on to it until he is actually eating more and we are sure of the safe foods.

Retail $1.99

IMG_2691Next was an Oxo Tot roll up bib. Its really cute with the huge rubber pocket but is soft with a velcro closure. We haven’t used it yet but it looks super easy to clean. Both the fabric and silicone materials are easy to wipe clean. BPA, PVC, and phthalate free.

Retails for $12.99(Amazon)


Last in the box was a Parents Canada magazine. I actually really like getting magazines because its not something I typically buy with so much computer time available. I won’t read it all at once but I like that they included this.


Total value $38.29 and that is not even including the Ahava mask and the Oliver’s Labels.

This box was actually a really good value. I got $5 off my box so paid $28-29 Canadian. The next month I will pay the full price plus taxes but I am willing to give them a try and see what the next four months has. Wow, I can hardly believe my little man will be a year old in four months!  Even though we aren’t using everything at the moment, we will and I love to have things that will get used rather than things that my baby has outgrown.

If you would like to try out MommiesFirst say you read it here 😉