I sold some of my Ju Ju Bes

and I mailed them off today. It was kind of sad. I have sold a few things here and there over the years but because they didn’t work for me. These did, I just never used them. One I had two of, my purple paisley be quick and the other was a Choco Cha Cha Be set. It was really beautiful. But it was the only thing I owned in that print and I haven’t used it in at least a year and a half. So I sent it on to someone who would love it.

I know I am not the only Pink Lady who is sad to sell things. And so far I haven’t regretted any of the things I sold.

So this post is in remembrance of all the Ju Ju Bes I have had and let go.

purple spicy

Purple Paisley Be Spicy
She was just too awkward for me with the bottle pockets on the outside and how heavy when packed. But the print is gorgeous.


Cherry Lemonade Checkabe
I bought this on babysteals not thinking about Canadian checks being different than American.


Blue Bouquet Be Smart
Having the same shape as the Spicy, it just doesn’t work for me. And no messenger strap.


Perky Perennials Be Thrfty
Love the print just too much wallet for me


Perky Perennials Be Major
Just didn’t like how stiff it felt so I got a Vanilla major and it was perfect

Sweethearts coin purse The print looks too much like a uterus

Sweethearts coin purse
The print looks too much like a uterus


Sweethearts BFF
I actually won this at the 2012 Ontario Get together. But I sold it due to the uterus. I tried to like it.


Cinnamon Be Mine
Was a gift with purchase from a store, just never even opened it


Cinnamon Business Be
Another gift with purchase, but I already have this


Choco Cha Cha Be Set
So beautiful but I am way too OCD and like to be matchy.

purple quick

Purple Paisley Be Quick
I love the print but I have two of these and figured I don’t really need two.
I am trying to downsize. its not going so well.

I know I also sold a wallet once, a Dizzy Daisies Be Rich. But I can’t find a picture right now. And I think that may be all I have ever sold. I am hoping to be able to let go of more. Its hard. I really am a hoarder. And they make me happy. My husband tells me not to sell any. He doesn’t want me to be sad and miss them. I keep telling myself they are only bags. Maybe someday I will believe it 😉


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