Where does the time go?

Today I officially have a high schooler. How did that happen? It seems like only yesterday I was chasing her curly little head all over the place. Hayley was a hand full from birth.  She has always been independent and strong willed. She is an amazing girl. Difficult at times, but wonderful at others. She will talk your ear off if she’s in a good mood. And give you the silent treatment if she’s not. And beyond all of her faults, I know she is going to be an amazing woman someday. I can imagine its not easy being the oldest of 6 children. But I know how much her little brothers love her and I see her smile when Mason reaches for her. And I look at him and think, this was just her. She was just in my arms reaching for my face and pulling my hair. And now, in four  short years, she will be all grown up. But she will always be my baby.

Today I have four of my children in school all day every day. Wow. Riley is going into first grade. And I think FIRST GRADE! He was just that tiny little boy that I worried about so much and he has grown up into a funny crazy little man, who looks just like his daddy. He drives us crazy a bit with his obsessive compulsive behavior, but he will crack you up in a second and be the first to come and strangle you with hugs and smother you with kisses. That tiny little boy is growing up way too fast!

Then there is Tyleigh. Often overshadowed by her big sister. Tyleigh is 12, and now in 7th grade. Thankfully for me our school is kindergarten to 8th grade so she will still be in elementary. Tyleigh is our sweet, emotional girl. Sadly, she never thinks she is good enough, or smart enough, despite how many times we tell her. She is an amazing big sister. Her little brothers adore her.  She wanted a little sister and I understand. But I told her, those little boys think the world of her. I think, someday she may work with little kids. She loves to play and teach them.  I hope she opens up and is more confident this year, that she believes she can do anything.

And Justin, our oldest boy. Justin is a sweet, kind boy, unless its to Riley. He is one of the smartest kids I have ever met, but unfortunately got his mother’s lack of common sense, so sometimes he does dumb things.  He still loves me though. And not loves me just as any son loves his mom. But he wants to hug me before bed and makes sure he hugs me often throughout the day. He got his dad’s need for physical attention. Its definitely not a bad thing. I don’t get hugs in public but when he is home he is my little boy.He will be in 5th grade already.

The four of them will leave Carter, Mason and me for the days this year. I think Carter might enjoy them being gone at first because he will get to play with anything(like Justin’s legos). I know it will be quiet and probably enjoyable at times. But I miss them. I miss the sounds of them, the sight of them playing together and hearing their little stories. I miss seeing the older ones looking out for the little ones and helping them. I know its only for the day but the evenings go so fast. We get so busy with activities that life goes so fast.

I definitely won’t miss the fighting and name calling. And I have a feeling I will be pretty busy throughout the day keeping Carter occupied and Mason out of things.

Mason is going to be hard to wean off of sleeping in mommy’s arms. The day for him has not been going well.


Ready for school. Well, not Carter but he wanted in the picture too.


Hayley ready for her first day of high school! She had to leave before everyone else was ready.


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