Citrus Lane August Review~”Back to school”

I am so behind on my box reviews! I didn’t get my Citrus Lane box till almost the end of August so I kind of forgot about it. And then we got busy with getting ready for back to school so even though it’s late, here is my August Citrus Lane review 🙂


In case you don’t know about Citrus Lane, it is a monthly subscription box for babies up to age 4 I believe. My box was for a 7 month old boy. I did forget to take a picture of the card with all the products and now it has gone missing, that’s what happens in our house of chaos 😉 But on to what was inside!

IMG_2664This box was actually a pretty full box! I love when boxes are full and I feel like I got lots of goodies to go through.

IMG_2665I will go ahead an mention this first because this was my least favorite thing in the box. We got the same card a few months ago and I never used it because at the time Fab Kids only had girl clothing. The back of the card gives a code for a free outfit(valued at $39.95).  I saw on the Citrus Lane website they extended the offer expiration to the end of Sept., which is good because I didn’t get to use it. I normally don’t mind these types of things but I haven’t heard the best of the customer service for Fab Kids, but I think I will give them a shot and get one of my boys and outfit this time. I do wish they didn’t do this twice in a matter of a few months. We have been getting these boxes since February of this year so twice within that time.


Next is a book, Cleo’s Color Book. In our house, books are always welcome, so getting a book for me is always good. And it is a nice sturdy book that even if Mason chews on it, won’t get too damaged.


Next was 3 sample packs of Weleda baby rash cream. I have seen this at the store and always think to try it but never have so its nice to get a sample before spending the money.  I don’t think this is good for cloth diapers though, but will have to check to be sure. Anything creamy usually isn’t but I haven’t had to use these yet so I’m not sure if they are creamy 😉

IMG_2668This is a Rich Frog stacker toy. It is super cute but Mason pulls it apart really easily, it actually doesn’t velcro together well at all. It is cute and for a baby toy, he likes it but it does not stay together. I probably would never have bought it just for that fact but its cute.



Now this was probably my favorite thing in the box! I have been wanting something like this to strap onto our Sophie the Giraffe when we go out. It is by ah goo baby. Its actually called a bottle strap but you can wrap it around a toy also. Since we don’t use bottles and Mason is not drinking from cups it is a toy holder.  It can hook onto strollers with another end of velcro. I do not hook it on the carseat though because anything on the handle isn’t safe.


This was probably my least favorite item(next to the Fab Kids voucher I guess). They are hand sanitizing wipes by Clean Well. Normally I don’t mind getting wipes because we always need hands cleaned but these have a very strong orangey smell that I just don’t care for. I will either give them to my husband to keep in his truck or leave them in the van for emergencies.

Overall I think the August box was pretty good. I got some things I like, some things I didn’t. But you are always going to get something you don’t or do like. And that’s the risk you take for getting subscription boxes.

I pay monthly $25.00 for my Citrus Lane box, you can get longer subscriptions and save money and shipping is free.  You can save $10 on your first box by clicking here


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