Busy busy…

I feel like I haven’t had time to post anything lately. I am so behind in my subscription box reviews(I have 4 boxes sitting in the kitchen, one I started the review and another at the post office!) and then there is just busy life.
Since school has started I feel like there is no time for anything. We get up, get ready for school, I take the kids to school, come home, feed the baby, he sleeps(in my arms still which makes it challenging to get anything done!), he wakes up, I make lunch for Carter, baby sleeps again, we go pick up the kids, come home, then, depending on the day, make dinner, do baths, bedtime etc. Of course my luck would have it that my boys hockey practices had to be on the exact days at the girls cheerleading. Why? Why? 2 days in the week(Tues & Thurs) where Hayley has practice, and then Tyleigh has hers on Thurs. Of course, I just knew hockey would come and do this to me. So now Justin has hockey on Tues and yes Riley has hockey on Thurs. So Thursdays will be crockpot dinner night! Last week I made beef stew, the kids love beef stew and I seriously love the crockpot. This week it will be the BBQ chicken recipe I posted here. It is seriously yummy.

As far as our life lately, boy have we been busy!

The baby has turned 8 months old. 8 MONTHS! He was pretty slow to learn things before, he took his time to roll and sit up and I was just fine with it because I know. I know what comes after babies become mobile. And I was in no rush. No rush at all. So a little over a week ago I found him standing in the playpen! Standing! I couldn’t believe it. He was so proud of himse though. A little while later I watched him do it again. The very next day, he learned to crawl. Right before he turned 8 months on the 16th. Now he is all over the place. He doesn’t want to sit still, crawling and trying to climb everything. He reminds me of my oldest. She crawled at 8 months, then was walking by 8 1/2 months. She didn’t want to crawl, she realized she could get there faster while walking. The others all crawled for awhile. But, it seems, little Mason has other ideas. I hope he slows down. I want him to stay little. I want my sweet snuggly baby to last a little while longer. He is still pretty clingy so I think he will be mama’s boy for awhile.

Where did the past 8 months go? It seems like every year goes by faster and faster. I know we are so busy now with the kids activities. Our weekends fly by. I look at Mason and just think he was only just born. And now he is everywhere and becoming a little person.


Yes, Mommy, I did stand up all by myself!


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