I got a new planner that I wanted to share!

I see people all the time talking about planners and Erin Condren seems to be the big one.  I saw on one of my boards someone mention Plum Paper. I did not want to spend the money on an Erin Condren one. Yes they look fabulous but it was going to be a lot of money. So I looked and really liked the way they looked and they had a daily personalization option on the family planner. So here are my pictures!

front cover name deletedThis is the front cover, I deleted our last name. It has a plastic, frosted cover, which is great because I sat it in water right after opening it.

front cover name deleted2

Here is is after you open the plastic cover. You can have whatever you want put on the cover. ( I should add you can have a photo or choose one of their designs, you can have whatever wording you would like)

IMG_3105I really like the tabs on the side you can flip to.

IMG_3106It has the year calendar for 2013 & 2014

IMG_3107You can choose to start your planner in any month you want. They also give you the option to add more months. I chose October 2013 and was hoping to get it in time. They shipped it way faster than I thought it would be so was really happy I have it in time.

Each month has a page like this at the beginning.

IMG_3108There is a page after the month title page for notes.


Month view, has a place for birthdays, events and notes. I had been looking at Paper Coterie planners. I loved that you could add tons of photos to it but they only had the option for a month view or a weekly view and I really wanted both.


This is really why I chose Plum Paper. You can personalize up to 7 different sections on their weekly page. That is perfect for us because we have 8 people, I added my husband and me together because we have less to do. I bought some special pens for my calendar  saw on a Erin Condren review, they are Paper Mate Flair pens/markers. They have 12 different colors(except one of the kids stole my black). So I am going to use a different color for each person, that’s what I have been doing on our hanging calendar. It is really great to see everyone stand out and know when each on needs to be somewhere.

namesCloser look at the names. You can choose anything you want, it doesn’t need to be names.

IMG_3112At that end of the weekly pages there is another notes page. Then the next month begins.

IMG_3113At the very back of the book is a little pocket to keep things. It isn’t huge but would hold small papers, I might try to stick my pens in a bag or something and keep them there 😉

Plum Paper is on Etsy. They can be hard to get open because they are or have had a baby and only take limited orders. I love this planner. It was a little pricey. $35 plus $10 shipping but was cheaper than Erin Condren and I will know if I am actually using it enough to pay more, or I may decide this is the perfect thing for me. I did only get a 12 month book because I was afraid anything longer would make is seriously fat and not fit in my diaper bag well. I forgot to take a picture of how thick it was.

So while I can’t truly say how it compares to an EC, if you think you don’t want to spend the money why not try Plum Paper.


5 thoughts on “I got a new planner that I wanted to share!

  1. Thanks for sharing! It makes me nuts when some of these companies (not saying that PP is one of those because I don’t know) won’t show you a close up of the actual planning page… hard to buy if you don’t know what you’re buying!

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  3. I just received my plum paper planner as a gift 🙂 I was so excited that I decided to look up reviews and found yours!!

    I felt the same way, really wanting an EC planner, but not wanting to drop the $$ for one! My sister found plum paper and then I convinced my hubby I “needed” one!

    • Wow! I forgot to check my messages. LOL. I am so glad you love it. Mine will be done in October and I will have to get a new one! I do like some of the EC things but I love the personalization on the Plum Paper!

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