My husband said I’m old.

Ok, he didn’t really say I am old. He said I am older. But I take that as I am old.

I was talking to him about how tired I have been lately. I feel completely totally exhausted. Baby isn’t sleeping well, he wants me to hold him through every nap and at night too. Sometimes at bed I can get him to sleep in his crib for an hour or so, sometimes 3, sometimes long enough to run and turn all the lights off.

So I deal with him till usually 1 am. Then I try to sleep, he wakes up, wants to sleep with me. Then either he will wake up(like last night he decided it was time to play at 1:30 and did this till 3:30) or one of the other kids comes waking me up at 5 am or I hear screams from Carter because his room is too dark. Seriously, I am wiped out completely.

So the other night, I was feeling weird, dizzy, upset stomach. I have never felt like this before. So I told him that, he says, “well, you aren’t 22 anymore” Really?! Really?! Do you want to make me feel crappier cause I know I am old now? I know he didn’t mean it to be mean but he also knows I don’t want to get old. And he is right, I don’t sleep well, I haven’t since our oldest was born, when I was 22.

Yesterday, my sister in law was here, so she played with Carter and I got to take a nap. Oh, I felt so much better. It was only about an hour but it made my whole afternoon so much easier.

Now I feel like I am about to pass out from exhaustion, but I can’t because kids need me. And just as soon as I will try to go to bed tonight, the baby will wake up. I haven’t even made dinner yet. I think its a pizza night


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