This boy and his teeth

After 6 children I have finally gotten one that has a ton of teeth. None of my other 5 got teeth as fast as him. He is super grumpy tonight and I know there is a tooth right at the edge of his gums. He wears and amber teething necklace but I take it off at night, too much anxiety for me.

He just got two new teeth last week. He gets them in pairs it seems, so he now has 6 teeth, until tomorrow when I think he will have 7. I would have to look it up but I think most of the kids only had two at 8 months old, maybe 4 at the most. I can always tell when he is getting them though, And tonight he is really tiring me out.


2 thoughts on “This boy and his teeth

  1. You should try Camilia. It’s a homeopathic remedy, doesn’t numb the gag reflex and doesn’t interact with any medications. I use that at night when I take off the amber necklace 🙂 It’s been a lifesaver for us.

    • You know, I think I have some of this. I might have to check, does it expire? I have a friend who gave me some awhile ago for my 3 yr old and I think its still in my cabinet! Thanks for recommending it 🙂

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