Carter had a gastroenterologist appointment today

Wow does talking to a specialist make me feel a thousand times better!

After all this time it looks like we might have some answers.  This morning we went to a gastroenterologist. Carter was super nervous, as he is always when we go to a doctor or hospital. Ever since his staph infection. But he was good and their was a student dr first so I think that helped. He was young and friendly and Carter was pretending to be a puppy 😉

The dr came in and the student went over everything we told him, everything I could possibly remember. The dr was really nice and explained things well. He said he is not overly concerned it is serious. He believes he has irritable bowel syndrome caused from the stomach virus he had spring 2012. He said colitis was a possiblity but he doesn’t believe its that because Carter looks healthy and is growing well. Apparently children with colitis usually look unhealthy and don’t gain weight. So this is a huge relief and I feel like we have a plan! He gave me a recipe for special cookies that contain psyllium and it is supposed to help his stomach absorb the irritating foods. He wants to see him back in 6 weeks. He did want some blood work, which was awful because poor Carter had a breakdown but hopefully we are done with this for awhile.

You can’t imagine the weight that was lifted from me as he was telling me this. I was terrified they would want to scope him. The dr did say if he doesn’t improve this is still a possibility but I feel like he might be right on track. Its like every time we would think he was getting better, we had changed his diet or eliminated something, he would get better, then bam another 2 weeks of diarrhea. So I will continue with the diet he is eating(no dairy and limited red meats), give him these special cookies for a couple of weeks and see. I hope this is what he needs and he will be on his way to being healthy again. I just pray he doesn’t catch anymore stomach viruses. I think its time I told the kids to remember their hand washing habits and making sure we all do it to help prevent anything from getting to Carter. The last stomach virus that went through the house in January right before Mason was born, hit Carter hard. He was sick for so much longer than everyone else and he was much sicker than the rest of us too. It was then that he had a huge set back in his stomach again.

So that’s my little update, not really little though, a major deal for me. A huge relief and hopefully the first step to getting him over this!



I thought this was worth sharing. I have reported offensive sexual pictures I saw on a page my teenage daughter liked and they weren’t removed by Facebook.

Raising Mama

Yesterday, I posted I had been banned from Facebook over a photo id posted. As it turns out, it wasn’t just me, but all four administrators of a closed support group on Facebook called Breastfeeding Support. And it doesn’t stop there. Facebook deleted the entire support group. They gave no explanation other than it was deleted for violating terms of service. A group where women could come and feel safe asking questions, relating their stories, sharing their wisdom. Five THOUSAND women had their source of support ripped away without warning, without reason.

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Jamberry has Nail Lacquer!


So for those of you who really do not want to give up polish for your nails Jamberry just launched their nail lacquer line. The colors are gorgeous and it is getting amazing reviews from consultants everywhere!


The new lacquer line has a smoothing or strengthening base, 12 different colors and a choice of 3 different top coats:matte, ultra shine, or glitter effect.

I am so excited to try it just to be able to give my opinion on it. I do admit I wanted the wraps for no drying time but mixing the lacquer with them on other nails would give a different effect and help your wraps last longer.

lac 558830_10100272430818731_1200766021_n



Tammy’s Jamberry Nails

I love breastfeeding.

I can’t imagine not breastfeeding. I have had struggles while feeding some of my 6 children. Some worse than others.  But I never gave up. Its hard sometimes. I have given up so much for them. Right now I don’t eat dairy, eggs, almonds or coconuts. I’m not gonna lie, there are days when I think this really sucks. But then that moment comes when my baby wakes up and anxiously squirms in my arms trying to find his food, then he latches on, and sighs. When I look at his beautiful little face and he looks at mine and I know how magical it is, this special bond we have. Its not something you can explain.  It makes me whole heart flutter and I well up with tears, like a warmth that goes through your entire being.

Even though this little boy has been outside of my body for almost 9 months we are still one, I still jump when he cries, or wake up when he moves at night, he still relaxes in my arms and wakes when I try to lay him down.

I feel so blessed that I have 6 amazing children. That they have each been able to nurse, some longer than others. That I have given up myself for them. The power of  breastmilk never ceases to amaze me. I have nourished this little person for almost the last 18 months, 9 within and now almost 9 outside, and he is amazing. Soon he will start some solids. It scares me with his food issues. But I think he is ready. It also makes me kind of sad too though.

I know I am the most important person in his life.  I know, as hard as it can be at times, I wouldn’t change it for anything.  I hope we are able to breastfeed for a long time to come. I know, even now sometimes, I get discouraged. But I also know that as he gets older, he can express how special it is to him.  Breastfeeding a baby is different than breastfeeding a toddler.

I love being the mom. I love what moms are given, this special feeling, this special place in their baby’s hearts.  I wouldn’t trade it for all the money in the world.

Our attempt at a Toronto Blue Jays game

My husband’s work was having a family day where they got everyone tickets to a Toronto Blue Jays game. They were taking buses and paying for the trip.

Well, we never go on the buses. Too many kids in too many carseats and we do not want to be forced to stay the entire time. The past 2 years we have gone to the Buffalo Bills in Toronto games and we know, its not easy, its long, its loud. So we planned to go on our own.

The game started at 1:07. At 1:07, we were stuck in traffic. We did not get going on time. Then we had to stop and get some pampers. I cloth diaper, but when we go out, I do not want to mess with dragging wet bags and 2 sets of cloth diapers. I use pampers at night, one a day I figure isn’t so bad. And I know how stinky night time cloth can be, so this works for us. Only Mason was completely out of disposables. Of course.

So we got on our way and things were going ok. Baby fell asleep. That always makes the ride easier. Kids were all either watching a movie or playing a game. Then we got to Toronto. And the traffic began. It never ceases to amaze me how traffic can stop on a highway for no apparent reason. It wasn’t bad weather, no accidents, just traffic.


This was when traffic was going ok. But it kept stopping.



I was bored so I started taking pictures 😉

Then Riley had to pee.

We were so close but still so far away. I think it took us 45 minutes to go 15 minutes away.

Poor Riley. He sounded like he was going to hyperventilate. But he made it.

As soon as we got into that crowded, over priced parking lot, my husband ran over to him with a cup. Thankfully, he is on  6 so he doesn’t mind peeing in a cup. That last 10 minutes of the drive though Carter cried, he kept saying he had to pee. We told him you are wearing a diaper, just pee. But he wouldn’t. So he too, went pee in a cup! He really has never gone in the potty so this shocked us. But it was a one time thing.

We got out, got all packed up and walked to the Rogers Centre. We were late.

We had decent seats though.




We got there for the 5th inning. I was shocked. I didn’t think it would go so fast! But then the next two innings were slow, and apparently my husband enjoyed them.  I got kind of lost. Like I said, we had good seats, the dome was open and we were on the shaded side, but the diamond was across from us and it looked so little. I am used to football games there. I am also not a baseball watcher. I went to a Cincinnati Reds game once when I was in the 6 th grade and on the safety patrol. It was our little field trip for being on that all year(yes I am from Ohio!)

After we sat for a couple of hours my husband looks down and asked me if I wanted to leave and go to the zoo. We have a zoo membership and had hoped to  go if we left early but since we got there late I figured we wouldn’t be able to.

I looked at all the kids, Mason was grouchy and wouldn’t nurse, Carter was flopping around, Riley was whining about Hayley not letting him use her phone, Hayley wasn’t paying attention to the game. I think Tyleigh was watching the screen over the actual game and Justin was watching the game. So I said ok.

We left. We never made it to the zoo.

It took us an hour to get through a couple of streets.

We stopped at McDonalds on the way home and at least let the kids play for awhile, but there was this awful little girl screaming her head off with parents no where to be found, so we went to eat and headed home.

Some might look at that day as a failure. But we didn’t. Sure we didn’t get to really do much. But we were together, all 8 of us. And when it comes down to it, that’s what matters. Even with the cranky teenager and a crying baby(although he didn’t do to bed that day).

We won’t get many more of these entire family trips so I will take what I can get now.

3 years ago

I knew the date was coming up but didn’t realize it was tomorrow. 3 years ago Carter had to have emergency surgery. I was never so scared in my life.

It all began when he got an ear infection.  I took him to the doctor. They gave him antibiotics. That night I noticed his neck was swollen on one side. I called the pharmacy, I was concerned over an allergic reaction because I am allergic to penicillin.   They said it didn’t sound like it. The next day I called the doctor, he said it sounded like a swollen lymph gland, keep an eye on it and let him know if it got worse.

58127_490511601507_60831Sept. 23, 2 days after the lump appeared. It was hard and round, just like a swollen gland should be31_nSept. 23, 2010

2 days after I found the lump. He was still pretty happy though. He had a cold for awhile before this, or at least I thought it was a cold.He had always been a happy baby, but he was crying all the time. wanted held all the time. I thought it was just a cold and cough. Over the next few weeks I learned it was more than that. And I am so lucky to have my little boy.

Sept. 29.

These pictures are always hard for me to look at. I can’t help but cry every time I do. The emotions and fear flood back through my mind and I think why no one was more concerned. I knew something was wrong. I knew it in my heart but kept listening to the doctor say is was doing what it was supposed to be. He believed it was an abscess and it would pop on its own. But it didn’t. It only got bigger and bigger.

sept 30

Sept 30.

7 days after it appeared

oct 3October 3

At this point he had been back to the doctor and they ordered an ultrasound to see what was going on.  My doctor saw him again before this and tried to get the hospital to move the ultrasound up, but they refused.

oct3 back

My poor baby couldn’t turn his head. He spent most of his day in my arms, he spent all of his night sleeping in my arms while I tried to sleep in a rocking chair.

oct 5Tuesday, October 5

I took him to the doctor again. I was scared. It was not normal. My doctor was shocked when he saw it. he called the children’s hospital, he left the room and I waited and waited a long time. He came back in and said I needed to take him to the hospital now. he would need surgery to drain it and he would need to stay overnight. My husband was gone, had just left the country, a friend had come with me. I couldn’t go right away. I had to call my husband and get him home. I had to pick up my other kids.  I broke down crying in the parking lot. How could it have gotten this bad?

I got everything arranged and we went, my friend came with me so I wouldn’t be alone. My husband was trying to get home. The nurses in the hospital loved him. He was always a charmer. And he was super chubby. they couldn’t believe he was only breastfed. Everyone that passed him in the ER smiled at him. It was hard. He needed an IV and I had to hold him down.

The surgeon came and talked with me. Then we waited. Just before they came to get us my husband got there. It was a huge relief. I had to hand him to a nurse to take to the OR and I walked down that long hallway ready to fall apart.

It wasn’t a terrible wait. It was pretty quick when they were done and we got to go to him. He was just waking up. But the nurses let his IV fall out.

I stayed overnight with him.

They had drained the abscess and put gauze in it. In the morning the doctor came to look at it and pull the gauze out. It was awful. The hole in his neck was the size of a nickel.  we could go home but he needed to take antibiotics.  Because they didn’t get enough in his IV.

oct 9

We went home and at first he seemed better but refused the medicine. He would throw it up.  His fevers came up. He had been getting very high fevers. I had to take him back Saturday morning.  The test results were back. Carter had a staph infection that cause the abscess.  He needed 24 hrs of  IV antibiotics. So we stayed again. But then after that night he was getting better. His fever was down and they let us leave.

oct 14This is one of my favorite pictures of Carter. Is makes me remember how hard it was and how happy I was to have my happy boy again. I get a rush of feelings whenever I see it. I am so thankful for him.

When we were at the hospital the surgeon told me she had never seen an abscess as big as his.  The next time I saw our doctor he admitted to me how worried he was that day he sent us to the hospital. He said he was almost septic. The doctor did a good job of hiding it from me.  Carter still has his scar and sometimes I tell him about how sick he was.  I will always follow my instincts from now on.

Just adding a current picture of my sweet boy


Baked Creamy Chicken Taquitos

I have to try this! I can use non dairy cream cheese and just skip the cheese. I love taquitos!


I am in love with these taquitos! I’ve never made taquitos with flour tortillas before, but they were fabulous. I actually had to make them twice because the first time everyone ate them before I could take a picture. 🙂 They are really quick, but I ran into a snag the second time around – no salsa. I usually borrow from my neighbor in a pinch, but she wasn’t home. So, I skipped on over across the street (and when I say ‘I,’ I actually mean I sent my husband and all the kids so I could work on dinner in peace) to ask my other neighbors if they had salsa. No go. But! Hubby came home with all the raw ingredients for salsa that they neighbors had so generously offered. So, with their tomatoes, cilantro, and onion, we added a handful of pitifully small peppers and an ear of…

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My kids and my Ju Ju Be

I finally found the picture of Carter with my first Ju Ju Be, the Citrus be mine

carterHe would sit and chew on it while we would watch Justin play hockey. Wow, has he ever gotten big!

rileyBoy is this a long time ago, actually these photos were both around the same time, February 2011. He has grown up so much,  and he doesn’t use that Cloud Break Mini Be anymore. But its good for the little boys still!

Here was  a stash picture from awhile ago. It was in my photobucket so I’m not sure how long ago!


Some of it is the girls stuff too, lol, ok not much though

IMG_6285I love this picture of Carter eating pudding wearing his Cobalt Blossoms be neat. See Ju Ju Be doesn’t just make cute diaper bags! These are the best bibs ever. They clean so well and have a magnet closure. We love them.

IMG_4426 Tyleigh and her Cherry Lemonade Be light. It is actually a tote but there is a special way to make it a backpack, works great for girls. Each of my girls own their own Be Light and Be mine, they also have a couple of coin purses and be quicks.

And just look at this sweet little boy


Mason is carrying on the chewing on Ju Ju Be tradition.

1234309_10151824362681508_1010838498_nAnd because I am doing this on my laptop I can’t find any pictures of Hayley and I doubt there was ever a picture take of Justin and Ju Ju Be 😉