My kids and my Ju Ju Be

I finally found the picture of Carter with my first Ju Ju Be, the Citrus be mine

carterHe would sit and chew on it while we would watch Justin play hockey. Wow, has he ever gotten big!

rileyBoy is this a long time ago, actually these photos were both around the same time, February 2011. He has grown up so much,  and he doesn’t use that Cloud Break Mini Be anymore. But its good for the little boys still!

Here was  a stash picture from awhile ago. It was in my photobucket so I’m not sure how long ago!


Some of it is the girls stuff too, lol, ok not much though

IMG_6285I love this picture of Carter eating pudding wearing his Cobalt Blossoms be neat. See Ju Ju Be doesn’t just make cute diaper bags! These are the best bibs ever. They clean so well and have a magnet closure. We love them.

IMG_4426 Tyleigh and her Cherry Lemonade Be light. It is actually a tote but there is a special way to make it a backpack, works great for girls. Each of my girls own their own Be Light and Be mine, they also have a couple of coin purses and be quicks.

And just look at this sweet little boy


Mason is carrying on the chewing on Ju Ju Be tradition.

1234309_10151824362681508_1010838498_nAnd because I am doing this on my laptop I can’t find any pictures of Hayley and I doubt there was ever a picture take of Justin and Ju Ju Be 😉


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