Carter had a gastroenterologist appointment today

Wow does talking to a specialist make me feel a thousand times better!

After all this time it looks like we might have some answers.  This morning we went to a gastroenterologist. Carter was super nervous, as he is always when we go to a doctor or hospital. Ever since his staph infection. But he was good and their was a student dr first so I think that helped. He was young and friendly and Carter was pretending to be a puppy 😉

The dr came in and the student went over everything we told him, everything I could possibly remember. The dr was really nice and explained things well. He said he is not overly concerned it is serious. He believes he has irritable bowel syndrome caused from the stomach virus he had spring 2012. He said colitis was a possiblity but he doesn’t believe its that because Carter looks healthy and is growing well. Apparently children with colitis usually look unhealthy and don’t gain weight. So this is a huge relief and I feel like we have a plan! He gave me a recipe for special cookies that contain psyllium and it is supposed to help his stomach absorb the irritating foods. He wants to see him back in 6 weeks. He did want some blood work, which was awful because poor Carter had a breakdown but hopefully we are done with this for awhile.

You can’t imagine the weight that was lifted from me as he was telling me this. I was terrified they would want to scope him. The dr did say if he doesn’t improve this is still a possibility but I feel like he might be right on track. Its like every time we would think he was getting better, we had changed his diet or eliminated something, he would get better, then bam another 2 weeks of diarrhea. So I will continue with the diet he is eating(no dairy and limited red meats), give him these special cookies for a couple of weeks and see. I hope this is what he needs and he will be on his way to being healthy again. I just pray he doesn’t catch anymore stomach viruses. I think its time I told the kids to remember their hand washing habits and making sure we all do it to help prevent anything from getting to Carter. The last stomach virus that went through the house in January right before Mason was born, hit Carter hard. He was sick for so much longer than everyone else and he was much sicker than the rest of us too. It was then that he had a huge set back in his stomach again.

So that’s my little update, not really little though, a major deal for me. A huge relief and hopefully the first step to getting him over this!


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