Do you want to join my team?!

I never thought I could be the kind of person who did direct sales. I am pretty quiet and reserved, well except maybe in my message boards lol.

I really started selling Jamberry Nails for myself, I wanted to use them, but then, I became more interested in showing them to others. I love them so much and I probably drive everyone crazy talking about them(my poor husband). I just want to share it with the world! They are so fun and cute and best of all, EASY!  I have always loved doing my nails. I never did the whole nail art thing because I am not very creative. And before the baby was born I painted them a little here and there but afterwards, who has the time?! I never know when I will need to pick him up and when do I have the time to let them dry? So nail wraps have been perfect and the fact they last for up to 2 weeks without chipping or peeling makes it perfect for me, if I can wait that long to change them.

If you have ever thought about selling or even just joining to get a discount(and a really great starter kit) check out my website. Tammy’s Jamberry Nails

There is still time to earn extra money before the holidays and who doesn’t love a little extra cash?  And did I mention all the amazing women I have met? Other consultants, customers, there are so many opportunities. Jamberry is such a new company and it is expanding like crazy!  I don’t know if I mentioned we can sign up consultants in Puerto Rico now! And started Dec 1 more of Canada is opening up! The opportunities are endlessjoin


I have to admit it…

I think I am becoming a planner addict.

It all started when I joined a Facebook group called Planner Addicts. Someone on a JuJuBe board had mentioned them. After I ordered my Plum Paper planner(that I posted about here) I was drawn into the dangerous world of planners.

I am not so far gone though. Well, maybe on the way. I bought a Martha Stewart binder for my budget binder, bought the budget binder printables from A Bowl Full of Lemons and then I saw others talking about the Arc planner from Staples! I had to go see it. I drooled over it but decided not to buy one.

But I kept going back. So I bought a jr size to use as my holiday planner! YES! A planner for planning my holidays! I just had someone make me pages too. Geesh, if I had the time I would have learned myself but when do I have the time! And of course just as I go to print it out, I find out my children have used all my ink on the billion coloring pages they need. And someone stole my cardstock. It was on top of the printer and it has disappeared. Along with all the ink.  So so no printing till the weekend.

And a friend is going to find me an Arc in purple! PURPLE! I want it for my Jamberry planner and binder. My amazing husband even bought me the arc punch. It takes a special type of hole punch to do the arc and I love it.  I just wish I had more time to sit and play with my planners and decorate them. But I have no space and velcro baby, or if he is happy I have a 3 yr old who can’t be trusted with velcro baby.

Anyone out there a planner addict? I know I am not alone!

More Jamberry Nails!

I said I would come write more about Jamberry Nails and here I am, but I have even more to write about than I thought!

Last week we were told about holiday gift sets! These sets include 4 sheets of nail wraps and a holiday card. The sets include previous exclusive designs that are no longer offered so this is a great way to get a design from the past that is gone. And after this they are gone for good!

bella on bella setBella Romantica was the September Sister’s Style. It is beautiful. Shiny black with gold accents. I still have 2 sheets and am thinking of ordering this to get another! Midnight Celebration is a very dark color, real photos look darker than what I see here.

mosaic on mosaic setI think this one is my favorite set! I love the blues!



mono on

mono set



Classy black and white, you can’t go wrong with these.

floral setIf you like color and florals, this is definitely the set for you! The bright colors pop and go so well together.


If you choose to give a set as a gift, you already have the card to go along with it!


Special holiday envelope


And now for even more! Today we were told the Black Friday specials! This year there are Black Friday exclusive designs! Free shipping as long as BF designs are the only items in the order. But they also can be part of the buy 3 get one free. And there are two junior sheets!


1456063_10202602645137035_1934739088_n 1453311_10202602631816702_997928663_n winter morning

1471921_10202602644297014_307690049_n bf 537040_10202602640656923_1509280286_n

1455110_10202602643897004_370530640_n 1003911_10202602641376941_631523538_n Black Friday

Juniors for the little girl in your life!triangles & messy paint 1452175_10202602642576971_1752207598_n

rainbow skinny&haute pink juniors(glimmer) 1424386_10202602643216987_2085840314_n

Holiday gift sets are only available until Dec. 31, 2013 and the Black Friday designs are only available on Nov. 29, 2013!

Visit my site to shop



Oh so much fun with Jamberry Nails!

I have not posted much about Jamberry Nails lately. There have been some really fun things added recently. In October they launched the nail lacquer, I think I did post about that. Then last week we were told about holiday gift sets featuring exclusive designs from past Sister’s Styles(the monthly wrap that is only available that month). And tomorrow they are launching their Indulgence hand care line(will be expecting that soon to try!)

So let me show you some of the photos of the new things and if you ever want to try a sample let me know, or you can check out the entire Jamberry line on my website.

colorsTwelve gorgeous lacquer colors, 2 base coats, a strengthening base and a smoothing base, and 3 top coats, ultra shiny, glitter, and matte!

Cardinal lacquer with the 3 different top coats

Cardinal lacquer with the 3 different top coats


Iris lacquer with Wisteria wraps

Iris lacquer with Wisteria wraps

Will tell you about the gift sets next time….



Day 3 November 3, 2013

Prompt for November 3rd: What are usually your first thoughts as you wake up in the morning?

Why do I have to get up?

I have mentioned before how little sleep I get. So usually when I first wake up, I think Hayley isn’t up yet. Why can’t she get up on her own anymore. I can’t lay here anymore because she will oversleep and miss the bus. Pretty much every day that’s the first thoughts that go through my mind.

If its a weekend, I usually think why can’t my boys sleep in 😉

Day 2. November 2, 2013

“If you had to relive one day of your life over and over and could choose which day, which day would you choose?”

Hmmm, this is an interesting thought. I could say it would be the day I said goodbye to me Dad. But that was a sad day and, even though I wish more than anything to see him again, I wouldn’t want to be sad forever.

I guess I would just say today. What was so special about today? Nothing. But I have all of my children home with me, my husband is here and we stayed home all day except for one hockey game and a hockey practice. We ate dinner together. The kids played. We sat together and watched the kids play. My teenage daughter didn’t hide all day. Even though it wasn’t amazingly special, it was.  I had my family, I watched them, I spent time with them. I was resting on the couch this afternoon while Mason played and Carter climbed on me and we lay there together. Just together.

Day 1 November 1, 2013

Yes, I am a day behind ;)(ok I am way behind actually because I forgot to post this!)

What makes my family unique.

Ah I could write about this all day I think.  To start, my husband and I are from two different countries, we were raised very differently. My parents divorced when I was 5, each remarried. My husband’s parents have been together since they were teenagers.

I feel like we are very different than a lot of other people I meet or know. The biggest reason for that is we have 6 children. And yes I would have more.  I love being a mom, its tiring and I wish I got more sleep, but some day, when I am old and gray and looking at the family we created, I will never say I wish I had been able to sleep more or I wish we didn’t have so many kids. Its hard, don’t get me wrong. The expenses, the time trying to give each what they need, the lack of sleep or couple time. My husband said when our girls were young how he never wanted to go do things with other guys because he would rather be with us. He said that he knew before too long those little girls wouldn’t want to spend every moment with us and go to the store with us, or sit on Daddy’s lap. And now that time has come. And it does make us sad and wish for that time again when our girls wanted to spend every waking moment with us. Now we have the teenager who complains if we want to have a family day or the preteen who you never know what mood she is in. Never take those moments for granted, they pass all too quickly.

And then because we have so many children and there is a big age range we are very unique. To have a baby and a teenager. The other day my 12 yr old came to me and said you know when Mason is my age I will be 24! She couldn’t believe it. I told her not to tell me that because it reminds me how they grow too fast. I stay home with my children, and I love almost every minute of it. I don’t need to go out and hang out with my friends. It would be nice to have someone to shop with or just talk to but I don’t need to go out for girls nights. I know I am not like the normal woman.

I parent very differently than most of the people I have ever met. Once in awhile I will meet someone like me, mostly online though.  I have a lot of good friendships online.  I have learned much from others, I have also learned to trust myself.  I am not like most moms, in my thoughts or my actions.

I’ve been a bad blogger

I tell you I am so exhausted most of the time I forget what I am doing. Mason is 10 months old today and he is so clingy and wants me to hold him all the time. Well, at least while he sleeps. The rest of the time he wants to get into trouble. Yesterday I found him chewing on a lego wrench. And I sit there holding him while he sleeps a lot. I did put him down yesterday and was so excited he slept for about 20 minutes in his crib. I know, 20 minutes you say. But yes, this was exciting, it was a mid-day nap and he never sleeps in his crib in the day.  At night he will for a little while but as soon as I go to bed, he wakes up, wants to nurse then won’t go back to sleep in his bed and I get tired of trying, so I take him to bed with me. I don’t sleep great, but its better than holding him in a chair. But, often Carter decides to join us and I am worried he will lay on Mason or he will bug him, because he does, or he starts bothering me. So i am tired. I think more tired than I have ever been. I know my other children were not great sleepers, but I feel like I could fall asleep at any moment of the day. I am emotional, I am moody, I am just drained. I don’t get naps. I don’t get to sleep in. I don’t really get to rest. I know it will pass. I keep telling myself, it will get better. I don’t know when. I don’t know what I can do to help it(other than not hold him and let him be miserable all day). I will not let him cry. I will not leave him in his bed all alone to cry himself to sleep. I can’t and I won’t. I don’t care who agrees with me or the ideas people give me. I don’t understand how so many parents can so willingly just plop their babies in a bed and let them cry until they fall asleep. This is my little boy. The little person who relies on me completely. Who looks at me to comfort him and take care of him and teach him. Yes, maybe I haven’t taught him the best sleeping habits but soon enough he will be able to sleep on his own. And when he is 10 he won’t want to snuggle in my arms, or lay on my chest and hear my heart. He won’t need me. And when he is 20 I doubt I will even get a hug from him, so I try to remember, take it in. Enjoy it all. Yes its hard. Yes I wish I could get him in his own bed. But I don’t want it to ever end. He could very well be my last baby and the thought of never having those sweet sleepy sounds in my arms again breaks my heart.

So, I’ve been a bad blogger. I am so tired. I forget to write. I start to write, then forget to post my entries. I will try to do better. But I will be enjoying these sleepy snuggles so I might forget.

Tomorrow is my 3rd Pinkaversary!

My Pinkawhat you ask?

My Pinkaversary!  A pinkaversary is the anniversary of the day you joined the Pink Room of course! And mine was 3 years ago tomorrow! Wow, amazing how much has changed in 3 years. It seems like so much longer. I never would have imagined I could have the amount of bags I have now. NEVER. I never would have thought I would have ever wanted this many bags.

I have been meaning to share a stash shot for all my lovely pink lady friends and well, I have not been writing here as much lately as I was. So I must change that.

Now keep in mind, since these pictures were taken, I have sold a couple of things, and bought a couple, er maybe more than than a couple of things 🙂 But I completely forgot about sharing these. And they aren’t the best pictures, because well, try taking pictures of bags with little boys running everywhere and a baby trying to eat them all.

So without any further stalling here is it. I think it looks like less with everything crammed together but it still looks like a lot. Honey, if you read my blog, skip over these pictures, you may have a small heart attack and tell me I don’t need anymore bags. But we all know that will never happen 😉

IMG_2626The boys thought it was so much fun. Mason kept rolling over and stealing things and Carter would try to rearrange for me.


Carter just wanted to move things around for me. It was not helpful.


My little bag eater. There is something about JuJuBe that babies like to eat.


Mason kept turning around and just looking at them. It was actually really funny. I think he just didn’t know what to think about them all.


You can’t really see the Super be’s and Mighty be’s on the back, they were too flat. Everything is all a jumble but I really had no where big enough to do it.


My coin purse collection. I was missing the custom make Purple Paisley. I have since found it. Tyleigh had stolen it and it was on her desk. I also now have um, 4 more, but 3 are the same print and I was thinking of selling 2 of them.


My Be quicks. I sold 2 of these and have only added one.


Beautiful Be Sets. I sold the Choco Cha Cha(top left one) because I had nothing else that it matched and had not used it in at least a year. Actually a lot of things I haven’t used. I used the pink flowers/orange zipper(Fuschia Blossoms) with a big bag I have for my Jamberry supplies now.

So yes, some of you may think I have lost my mind. I have only bought a little more recently when the new Tokidoki print came out. And a Christmas present for Tyleigh, oh that reminds me, this does not include any of my children’s bags. They have some too 🙂

My journal entries

nojomoI joined a Facebook group this week that involves writing a journal entry every day for the month. I used to journal all the time and I have gotten out of it. I started this blog partially to try and do that again but then life kind of takes over so it gets to be that last thing I never get to. I have so many things I think about posting and think of the words all in my head but then never get to type them out. So I am going to start this today because I was a day behind 😉