Tomorrow is my 3rd Pinkaversary!

My Pinkawhat you ask?

My Pinkaversary!  A pinkaversary is the anniversary of the day you joined the Pink Room of course! And mine was 3 years ago tomorrow! Wow, amazing how much has changed in 3 years. It seems like so much longer. I never would have imagined I could have the amount of bags I have now. NEVER. I never would have thought I would have ever wanted this many bags.

I have been meaning to share a stash shot for all my lovely pink lady friends and well, I have not been writing here as much lately as I was. So I must change that.

Now keep in mind, since these pictures were taken, I have sold a couple of things, and bought a couple, er maybe more than than a couple of things 🙂 But I completely forgot about sharing these. And they aren’t the best pictures, because well, try taking pictures of bags with little boys running everywhere and a baby trying to eat them all.

So without any further stalling here is it. I think it looks like less with everything crammed together but it still looks like a lot. Honey, if you read my blog, skip over these pictures, you may have a small heart attack and tell me I don’t need anymore bags. But we all know that will never happen 😉

IMG_2626The boys thought it was so much fun. Mason kept rolling over and stealing things and Carter would try to rearrange for me.


Carter just wanted to move things around for me. It was not helpful.


My little bag eater. There is something about JuJuBe that babies like to eat.


Mason kept turning around and just looking at them. It was actually really funny. I think he just didn’t know what to think about them all.


You can’t really see the Super be’s and Mighty be’s on the back, they were too flat. Everything is all a jumble but I really had no where big enough to do it.


My coin purse collection. I was missing the custom make Purple Paisley. I have since found it. Tyleigh had stolen it and it was on her desk. I also now have um, 4 more, but 3 are the same print and I was thinking of selling 2 of them.


My Be quicks. I sold 2 of these and have only added one.


Beautiful Be Sets. I sold the Choco Cha Cha(top left one) because I had nothing else that it matched and had not used it in at least a year. Actually a lot of things I haven’t used. I used the pink flowers/orange zipper(Fuschia Blossoms) with a big bag I have for my Jamberry supplies now.

So yes, some of you may think I have lost my mind. I have only bought a little more recently when the new Tokidoki print came out. And a Christmas present for Tyleigh, oh that reminds me, this does not include any of my children’s bags. They have some too 🙂


3 thoughts on “Tomorrow is my 3rd Pinkaversary!

  1. Love your Ju Ju Be Posts!! I am just wondering…I have been searching for a Between in purple paisley, as I’m obsessed with purple and LOOOVE this print. Also interested in any other pp print items…just wondering if you may be willing to sell anymore of your pp stuff??? Feel free to e-mail me, as I’d love to hear from you!! 🙂

      • Yes, it’s always nice when someone reads your posts, isn’t it? 🙂 I’m actually more looking for the Set and maybe the quick. Not sure if the Major came in pp? I just passed on a PackaBe in my neighbourhood, as I have the Be All. 🙂

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