Day 1 November 1, 2013

Yes, I am a day behind ;)(ok I am way behind actually because I forgot to post this!)

What makes my family unique.

Ah I could write about this all day I think.  To start, my husband and I are from two different countries, we were raised very differently. My parents divorced when I was 5, each remarried. My husband’s parents have been together since they were teenagers.

I feel like we are very different than a lot of other people I meet or know. The biggest reason for that is we have 6 children. And yes I would have more.  I love being a mom, its tiring and I wish I got more sleep, but some day, when I am old and gray and looking at the family we created, I will never say I wish I had been able to sleep more or I wish we didn’t have so many kids. Its hard, don’t get me wrong. The expenses, the time trying to give each what they need, the lack of sleep or couple time. My husband said when our girls were young how he never wanted to go do things with other guys because he would rather be with us. He said that he knew before too long those little girls wouldn’t want to spend every moment with us and go to the store with us, or sit on Daddy’s lap. And now that time has come. And it does make us sad and wish for that time again when our girls wanted to spend every waking moment with us. Now we have the teenager who complains if we want to have a family day or the preteen who you never know what mood she is in. Never take those moments for granted, they pass all too quickly.

And then because we have so many children and there is a big age range we are very unique. To have a baby and a teenager. The other day my 12 yr old came to me and said you know when Mason is my age I will be 24! She couldn’t believe it. I told her not to tell me that because it reminds me how they grow too fast. I stay home with my children, and I love almost every minute of it. I don’t need to go out and hang out with my friends. It would be nice to have someone to shop with or just talk to but I don’t need to go out for girls nights. I know I am not like the normal woman.

I parent very differently than most of the people I have ever met. Once in awhile I will meet someone like me, mostly online though.  I have a lot of good friendships online.  I have learned much from others, I have also learned to trust myself.  I am not like most moms, in my thoughts or my actions.


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