More Jamberry Nails!

I said I would come write more about Jamberry Nails and here I am, but I have even more to write about than I thought!

Last week we were told about holiday gift sets! These sets include 4 sheets of nail wraps and a holiday card. The sets include previous exclusive designs that are no longer offered so this is a great way to get a design from the past that is gone. And after this they are gone for good!

bella on bella setBella Romantica was the September Sister’s Style. It is beautiful. Shiny black with gold accents. I still have 2 sheets and am thinking of ordering this to get another! Midnight Celebration is a very dark color, real photos look darker than what I see here.

mosaic on mosaic setI think this one is my favorite set! I love the blues!



mono on

mono set



Classy black and white, you can’t go wrong with these.

floral setIf you like color and florals, this is definitely the set for you! The bright colors pop and go so well together.


If you choose to give a set as a gift, you already have the card to go along with it!


Special holiday envelope


And now for even more! Today we were told the Black Friday specials! This year there are Black Friday exclusive designs! Free shipping as long as BF designs are the only items in the order. But they also can be part of the buy 3 get one free. And there are two junior sheets!


1456063_10202602645137035_1934739088_n 1453311_10202602631816702_997928663_n winter morning

1471921_10202602644297014_307690049_n bf 537040_10202602640656923_1509280286_n

1455110_10202602643897004_370530640_n 1003911_10202602641376941_631523538_n Black Friday

Juniors for the little girl in your life!triangles & messy paint 1452175_10202602642576971_1752207598_n

rainbow skinny&haute pink juniors(glimmer) 1424386_10202602643216987_2085840314_n

Holiday gift sets are only available until Dec. 31, 2013 and the Black Friday designs are only available on Nov. 29, 2013!

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