I have to admit it…

I think I am becoming a planner addict.

It all started when I joined a Facebook group called Planner Addicts. Someone on a JuJuBe board had mentioned them. After I ordered my Plum Paper planner(that I posted about here) I was drawn into the dangerous world of planners.

I am not so far gone though. Well, maybe on the way. I bought a Martha Stewart binder for my budget binder, bought the budget binder printables from A Bowl Full of Lemons and then I saw others talking about the Arc planner from Staples! I had to go see it. I drooled over it but decided not to buy one.

But I kept going back. So I bought a jr size to use as my holiday planner! YES! A planner for planning my holidays! I just had someone make me pages too. Geesh, if I had the time I would have learned myself but when do I have the time! And of course just as I go to print it out, I find out my children have used all my ink on the billion coloring pages they need. And someone stole my cardstock. It was on top of the printer and it has disappeared. Along with all the ink.  So so no printing till the weekend.

And a friend is going to find me an Arc in purple! PURPLE! I want it for my Jamberry planner and binder. My amazing husband even bought me the arc punch. It takes a special type of hole punch to do the arc and I love it.  I just wish I had more time to sit and play with my planners and decorate them. But I have no space and velcro baby, or if he is happy I have a 3 yr old who can’t be trusted with velcro baby.

Anyone out there a planner addict? I know I am not alone!


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