Do you want to join my team?!

I never thought I could be the kind of person who did direct sales. I am pretty quiet and reserved, well except maybe in my message boards lol.

I really started selling Jamberry Nails for myself, I wanted to use them, but then, I became more interested in showing them to others. I love them so much and I probably drive everyone crazy talking about them(my poor husband). I just want to share it with the world! They are so fun and cute and best of all, EASY!  I have always loved doing my nails. I never did the whole nail art thing because I am not very creative. And before the baby was born I painted them a little here and there but afterwards, who has the time?! I never know when I will need to pick him up and when do I have the time to let them dry? So nail wraps have been perfect and the fact they last for up to 2 weeks without chipping or peeling makes it perfect for me, if I can wait that long to change them.

If you have ever thought about selling or even just joining to get a discount(and a really great starter kit) check out my website. Tammy’s Jamberry Nails

There is still time to earn extra money before the holidays and who doesn’t love a little extra cash?  And did I mention all the amazing women I have met? Other consultants, customers, there are so many opportunities. Jamberry is such a new company and it is expanding like crazy!  I don’t know if I mentioned we can sign up consultants in Puerto Rico now! And started Dec 1 more of Canada is opening up! The opportunities are endlessjoin


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