He took 2 steps!

My little boy took his first two unassisted steps this morning. How can he be ready to walk already!? He has been cruising for awhile, 2 months now and he usually just dives forward when he wants to get from one spot to another, but last night I noticed he was putting more thought into those dives and he wasn’t just diving out of nowhere but kind of judging the distance between him and his destination. And then today I was sitting there watching as he let go of the couch, took for a couple seconds and went forward to the other part of the couch, It was a one two dive.  It makes me want to cry, my baby is getting so big, so fast.This is only the beginning….


Join Jamberry at a discounted price!

I know I have been absent, sorry. Life gets so busy.

I should have posted this sooner!

Today for Cyber Monday, Jamberry is having an amazing deal. For anyone in the US or Puerto Rico, you can sign up to sell Jamberry Nails for only $85! The consultant kit normally costs $99. It includes everything you need to get started at your own business.


You can join my team of consultants and I am there to help you become your own boss. I am so glad I joined Jamberry. The past 3 months have been so much fun. I am meeting some amazing women, have beautiful nails, and I am saving all of my Jamberry commission to take our family on vacation. This kit price is a super deal. You will have everything you need to get started!


And for you Canadians out there, the deal is different(although Canadians are more than welcome to also join my team because I would love to have you since I live up here and have learned a lot about the Canadian Jamberry business).

Today ONLY when you spend $50 or more you get 2 free sheets of dark red floral nail wraps. This wrap is gorgeous and is a previous exclusive wrap that is not available to buy. Image

6 months ago I would never imagined my life would be taking this turn. I am so glad I decided to take a chance. Jamberry is growing every day and just yesterday launched into 3 more provinces in Canada, Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Join the ever growing group of women(and a few men) joining Jamberry and changing their lives forever!