My baby is one!

I have been trying to find the time to write this for a few days now but last week I fell down the stairs(this was actually the second time in less than a week). I sprained my foot and ankle pretty badly. I was convinced it was broken. I couldn’t stop crying. I was going downstairs and my ankle twisted and rolled under me. Luckily I was only a couple from the bottom but the pain was excruciating. I would rank it up there close to a kidney stone and c-sections! But I had to walk on it. I was getting the little boys ready for gymnastics. Carter is having some issues adjusting so I was not missing it. Tyleigh went with me to help me and every step I wanted to crumble in a ball. I felt like my foot and ankle were going to crack apart. After I finally hobbled in and out we headed home. My husband wasn’t home yet and finally got home around 9 and took me to the ER. It wasn’t broken, but a severe sprain, ordered me crutches. CRUTCHES I tell you. A mom of an almost 1 yr old who is not yet walking unassisted. I was worried.

Pretty much I sat and did nothing all weekend. Unfortunately that’s what everyone else did too. So the house kind of fell apart. My poor husband is not made for this, he ordered pizza for lunch and ate what we could, he grilled a bit. By Monday he was supposed to go back to work. But my helpers were all leaving me. Tyleigh had been amazing! She ran anytime I asked her to get Mason for me, if I said ow, she would ask are you ok? Every single time. That’s my little mama. ┬áSo hubby asked his work to reschedule his delivery and they did. The good thing about that was he was able to be home for Mason’t allergist appointment(more on that later) on Tuesday morning. His sister had been planning on coming with me but she came over and watched Carter for me instead, and, the best part of all, she cleaned my house. I came home and it was so nice to have the dishes caught up, the floors picked up. I couldn’t help but get weepy.

So Mike went back to work after school that day and then Wednesday was hard. I didn’t use my crutches, yes bad patient. For some reason I had it in my mind I would defy the doctors 2-6 weeks of healing and be better in a matter of days. I was wrong. I was then in a lot of pain too.

So Thursday was my baby’s first birthday and here I could barely stand. I baked him cupcakes. We were supposed to have a little party for him this weekend but because of my accident I had to postpone it till next weekend. He still completely enjoyed those cupcakes. I have never seen him shove so much food in his mouth! It was adorable. He loved his presents and it was a good day.

So this turned into more about my foot than Mason’s birthday. But I have been thinking so much about his birth the past few days. How lucky I am and how special it was. I will write up another post about that though.

My ankle is feeling better. I have moments of severe pain and am able to go crutch free mostly. But it gets tired and if I turn the wrong way or put pressure on the wrong spot it sends shooting pains through it all. Its my left foot but driving it irritating it because of the angle it sits I think. I hope it gets better soon. I have 2 parties to do! Carter will be 4 soon!