It’s been awhile again

It’s funny how life gets away from you and then you realize how nothing seems to have gotten done.

I feel like that a lot. I look back over my day and think “What did I do today?” Well, I did take care of 6 children so that’s a start! But I look around the house and it doesn’t look like anything has been done. Yes I made meals, I may or may not have bathed children 😉 I brushed teeth, drove to and from school, fed the baby, held the baby, put the baby to sleep. Showed the 4 year old how to color or sound out a word, listened to the 6 year old read at bedtime(and let me tell you I will never tired of listening to those sweet little words!), forced older kids to shower or empty the dishwasher, listened to the teenage daughter tell me all about so and so and who did what at school or cheerleading, washed cloth diapers, tried to wash laundry, put the clean laundry in the basket and never get it folded, load the dishwasher, make sure the cat isn’t starving, trip over a few toys, stumble into my bed and wake up the baby. I have to remind myself that what I do daily may not look like much but when I think about it, it’s huge. I am growing a family, I am teaching these little(and not so little) people how to grow into good responsible adults. And that is the biggest accomplishment of all.