It’s been awhile again

I keep saying I won’t let it go and then I think of writing but am feeding the baby and only have my phone. And while, yes I can post from my phone, it is a pain and I hate typing on there. My phone has this insane autocorrect that likes to correct my words that I actually typed properly and turn them into crazy talk. I am sure most of the people on Facebook think I am a lunatic.

I think my last post was months ago. So much has happened in that time. The beginning half of the year is our busy time. All of my kids birthdays in a row. It is murder on the finances. But I now officially have 2 teenager girls( 13 & 15)and my boys are 1,4,7 and 11. Life seems to go so fast. School will be ending soon and then the summer will fly by. Some days I can’t wait until bedtime and others I don’t want it to ever get here. Sports are almost all done. My girls both were in cheerleading and the boys hockey until March and gymnastics now(11 year old is in spring hockey and summer hockey in July). This is the first year we will have done hockey pretty much all year. I hope to put the girls in tumbling but who knows and the little boys I had wanted something but Riley(7) is not really a team sport kinda kid. He played soccer for 3 summers and for 3 summers I watched him run around that field while I sweated and dealt with miserable kids on the sidelines. I can do that at home for free. So maybe next year will try it for Carter or baseball, or maybe nothing at all again. When you have 6 kids it gets very hard to put them all in a sport and drive them everywhere. But I want them to have something. I never played a sport after my parents got divorced and I wished I had. My kids have tried a variety of different things and the 3 oldest know what that sport is that they want to stick with. We are still learning with the others. 

I have been busy. I started selling another direct sales company(I know I know). I started with South Hill Designs in March and am so happy I did. I still do Jamberry but South Hill is so new in my area while Jamberry consultants are around every corner. I am enjoying doing both. I could never do more than two though. I feel like I barely have time to get the things I need with these two and take care of the house and kids!

Maybe I will share some more about that later. I should do to bed. I never say what I intended on saying here. I ramble on and change the subject multiple times. Maybe that’s sleep deprived mommy brain?


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