My kids have OCD

I am not the kind of person that likes to watch the same thing over and over. My husband can do it. My kids do it all the time. I know most kids do. They like to watch over and over. But there is something that it gets excessive. My children do this. They find a tv show they like and they watch episode after episode over and over. We are now watching Rescue Bots on Netflix for the second time, it has 26 episodes I think. I tell you they would watch it all day long if I let them. Some shows I don’t mind. Rescue Bots though gets to be a bit much.   I don’t remember when that show even originally aired. I watched Transformers as a kid. I had a brother.  But the far out there missions of the Rescue Bots just have me shaking my head. But these boys seem to love it. They have loved Transformers forever.

I know its just a phase, they have done it with many shows where they ask to watch it every day for a month then out of no where they stop. I hope the phase Rescue Bots ends soon or I might lose my mind…..


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