My children have hand, foot, and mouth disease.

Can you believe 15 years of being a mom and I have never dealt with this?

Last week the baby was throwing up and had diarrhea. I couldn’t figure out what he had. Last week my 11 year old came home crying from school because he felt so bad. His throat and just all over. This weekend I looked at his throat, nasty little spots. He also had a rash on his feet. The thought crossed my mind but then it went away. Then my 13 year old got what we thought was acne. But then she has some blister looking things on her hands and feet. She has some warts too and thought that was more. Last night I noticed the baby has some spots on his butt and he got a fever. Then tonight I noticed that my 4 year old has some identical spots on his face.

It all started clicking. I am not even sure where this will go. I guess they have to stay home from school. Two out of six, let’s hope that’s all….


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