So much has changed!

Wow, I didn’t realize I hadn’t written in so very long. Life, you know. Sadness and depression and trying to get past that while still trying to make sure my children are happy. It wasn’t always easy.

Since I haven’t written since Dec of last year we had a big move! We bought my inlaws house and they bought ours. This was the house my father in law built when my husband was 12. It’s older but bigger. Not in as good of shape as I had thought it was, so we have had a lot of struggles we are dealing with and will be for years to come. It’s outside of town but still with neighbors. I don’t like living outside of town. I miss taking the boys for walks for them to ride their bikes. We have a long driveway that they do ride bikes on and our yard is really big. We got them each a power wheels car and they love them. They drive all over the yard. We have a pool, it’s above ground and the decks are all rotting, unfortunately but Justin loves the pool and has friends over a lot to go swimming. It’s been a big change though going from the house where they could go outside any time to not. It’s not fenced but mostly trees and Riley is 9 so I trust him to go out but not the other two because they could easily go out front and end up on the very busy road. So that’s been a big change for us. The girls each have their own room now. They had been sharing since they were 4 and 2. I think that was a bit of an adjustment but maybe it has helped them want to talk more. Having a roommate for almost 13 yrs then suddenly not would definitely be different. But they have their own space now and privacy. The 3 boys are still sharing, Justin has a space in the basement for himself though so he sleeps in with Carter and Riley but it’s technically their room. And Mason has his own room still because he is the world’s worst sleeper.

We have been trying to work on things slowly, painting, replacing old lights etc, there is just so much to do though and I am afraid it will be very expensive and a long time to do them. My husband is more positive about it than me but I spend more time here. And he has more of an emotional attachment to this house. Right now I don’t know that I want to stay here for many years but that could change in time I guess. I definitely don’t have an emotional attachment to this house like I did our little house. We were there 9 years and my babies grew up there. We long outgrew it and I know that. We needed bigger but I miss it. I miss living in town, walking to pick the kids up from school or just around the block. I miss a paved driveway. I know we had to give some to get what we needed, so we will see where this takes us. It’s been 4 months since we moved and I am still not moved it. I still have boxes all over my bedroom and in closets. Who has time for unpacking when you have a house and children with normal life to take care of? I will get there eventually…..