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I never thought I could be the kind of person who did direct sales. I am pretty quiet and reserved, well except maybe in my message boards lol.

I really started selling Jamberry Nails for myself, I wanted to use them, but then, I became more interested in showing them to others. I love them so much and I probably drive everyone crazy talking about them(my poor husband). I just want to share it with the world! They are so fun and cute and best of all, EASY!  I have always loved doing my nails. I never did the whole nail art thing because I am not very creative. And before the baby was born I painted them a little here and there but afterwards, who has the time?! I never know when I will need to pick him up and when do I have the time to let them dry? So nail wraps have been perfect and the fact they last for up to 2 weeks without chipping or peeling makes it perfect for me, if I can wait that long to change them.

If you have ever thought about selling or even just joining to get a discount(and a really great starter kit) check out my website. Tammy’s Jamberry Nails

There is still time to earn extra money before the holidays and who doesn’t love a little extra cash?  And did I mention all the amazing women I have met? Other consultants, customers, there are so many opportunities. Jamberry is such a new company and it is expanding like crazy!  I don’t know if I mentioned we can sign up consultants in Puerto Rico now! And started Dec 1 more of Canada is opening up! The opportunities are endlessjoin


More Jamberry Nails!

I said I would come write more about Jamberry Nails and here I am, but I have even more to write about than I thought!

Last week we were told about holiday gift sets! These sets include 4 sheets of nail wraps and a holiday card. The sets include previous exclusive designs that are no longer offered so this is a great way to get a design from the past that is gone. And after this they are gone for good!

bella on bella setBella Romantica was the September Sister’s Style. It is beautiful. Shiny black with gold accents. I still have 2 sheets and am thinking of ordering this to get another! Midnight Celebration is a very dark color, real photos look darker than what I see here.

mosaic on mosaic setI think this one is my favorite set! I love the blues!



mono on

mono set



Classy black and white, you can’t go wrong with these.

floral setIf you like color and florals, this is definitely the set for you! The bright colors pop and go so well together.


If you choose to give a set as a gift, you already have the card to go along with it!


Special holiday envelope


And now for even more! Today we were told the Black Friday specials! This year there are Black Friday exclusive designs! Free shipping as long as BF designs are the only items in the order. But they also can be part of the buy 3 get one free. And there are two junior sheets!


1456063_10202602645137035_1934739088_n 1453311_10202602631816702_997928663_n winter morning

1471921_10202602644297014_307690049_n bf 537040_10202602640656923_1509280286_n

1455110_10202602643897004_370530640_n 1003911_10202602641376941_631523538_n Black Friday

Juniors for the little girl in your life!triangles & messy paint 1452175_10202602642576971_1752207598_n

rainbow skinny&haute pink juniors(glimmer) 1424386_10202602643216987_2085840314_n

Holiday gift sets are only available until Dec. 31, 2013 and the Black Friday designs are only available on Nov. 29, 2013!

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Oh so much fun with Jamberry Nails!

I have not posted much about Jamberry Nails lately. There have been some really fun things added recently. In October they launched the nail lacquer, I think I did post about that. Then last week we were told about holiday gift sets featuring exclusive designs from past Sister’s Styles(the monthly wrap that is only available that month). And tomorrow they are launching their Indulgence hand care line(will be expecting that soon to try!)

So let me show you some of the photos of the new things and if you ever want to try a sample let me know, or you can check out the entire Jamberry line on my website.

colorsTwelve gorgeous lacquer colors, 2 base coats, a strengthening base and a smoothing base, and 3 top coats, ultra shiny, glitter, and matte!

Cardinal lacquer with the 3 different top coats

Cardinal lacquer with the 3 different top coats


Iris lacquer with Wisteria wraps

Iris lacquer with Wisteria wraps

Will tell you about the gift sets next time….



Jamberry has Nail Lacquer!


So for those of you who really do not want to give up polish for your nails Jamberry just launched their nail lacquer line. The colors are gorgeous and it is getting amazing reviews from consultants everywhere!


The new lacquer line has a smoothing or strengthening base, 12 different colors and a choice of 3 different top coats:matte, ultra shine, or glitter effect.

I am so excited to try it just to be able to give my opinion on it. I do admit I wanted the wraps for no drying time but mixing the lacquer with them on other nails would give a different effect and help your wraps last longer.

lac 558830_10100272430818731_1200766021_n



Tammy’s Jamberry Nails

Jamberry Nails giveaway

I really should have posted about this sooner, but it escaped my sleep deprived mommy brain 😉

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I started selling Jamberry nail wraps. Jamberry nail wraps are vinyl nail wraps that you apply with heat and pressure. I absolutely have fallen in love with them, so I decided to share my love with my friends and family and start selling them to hopefully make some extra money to do things with my too fast growing children.

So for the month of September I had announced all orders placed would be put in a drawing for September’s Sister’s Style wrap, Bella Romantica.

belI put these on at the beginning of the week and they are absolutely beautiful. I normally don’t like black nails but the gold accents really made them stand out. They are so pretty.

bellaThese were mine 🙂

Jamberry has so many different designs, solids, French tips, holiday designs. They are amazing and actually so easy to apply. Even if I didn’t sell them, I would buy them, so I figured this was the best of both worlds. I get to share something I love with my friends and have fun doing it. My daughters love them as much as I do.

12 days

These were my 12 year old’s nails after 12 days. I painted some of her nails with Zoya nail polish and you can see how well that held up compared to the wraps. She wore them for at least another week, lol. She did not want to take them off and let them fall off on their own. Silly girl. You can see she had some nail growth in that time but that never bothers me until around the 12 day point.  Jamberry says the wraps last up to 2 weeks on fingers and up to 6 weeks on toes. I think it really depends on what you like also though. If you want to wear them as long as possible like I do, you can get longer out of them 😉

Each sheet comes with 18 wraps and each wrap will cover 2-3 nails, so you could get a lot out of one sheet. I try to save as much of them as possible, if your nails are shorter you could easily get 3 uses out of one wrap.  My mom did, I mailed her samples and she showed me this photo of one wrap on 3 fingers.

momShe works in a bakery so I can’t wait to see how they hold up for her. But I am a busy mom and mine hold up great. I love that they don’t cheap and you don’t have to worry about ruining them before they are dry. I really never paint my nails anymore. Who has time with a baby? And I have never actually had a pedicure because I don’t have the time or the money to do it. This solves that.

If you are interested in ordering, or have any questions at all let me know!.

Here is my site:

Tammy’s Jamberry Nails

I signed up to sell Jamberry Nail Wraps

Have you ever heard of them? They are a vinyl nail wrap, like a sticker but higher quality and you use heat and pressure to get them to stick on  your nails.

I had been hearing about them from one of the Ju Ju Be founders 😉 Surprise surprise, Ju Ju Be is in there somewhere. She would post pictures of them on her Facebook page and they looked so cute. Since I never have time to actually paint my nails I thought I would look into it. I saw on another friend’s Facebook page that Jamberry was coming to Canada so I asked the friend. She added me to a group and I learned all I could. I even got an entire sheet of wraps to try and I seriously love them. The first time was a little tricky but it only took me about half an hour. I did Tyleigh’s before mine with some samples and they look so cute. I can see after doing it a few times I will get the hang of it.

So I am hoping to be able to sell a little here and there. I don’t know how successful I will be because I can’t really do home parties with having a cling on baby who nurses every 2 hours but I can do online sales and parties and get some for the girls too. It was fun doing Tyleigh’s nails, spending time together we don’t usually get to do.

So I will have to do a real review the next time I do my nails. I bent my pinkie nail backwards tonight, ouch. So it hurt so bad and pulled the wrap up a little so I peeled it up. I shouldn’t have but it was bugging me. So now my nails look weird, with only one bare.

Have you ever tried Jamberry? What are your thoughts? Here are Tyleigh and my nails from the night I did them. That was 9 days ago.


If you would like to try out Jamberry Nail Wraps or just see what they are all about my website is