Tomorrow is my 3rd Pinkaversary!

My Pinkawhat you ask?

My Pinkaversary!  A pinkaversary is the anniversary of the day you joined the Pink Room of course! And mine was 3 years ago tomorrow! Wow, amazing how much has changed in 3 years. It seems like so much longer. I never would have imagined I could have the amount of bags I have now. NEVER. I never would have thought I would have ever wanted this many bags.

I have been meaning to share a stash shot for all my lovely pink lady friends and well, I have not been writing here as much lately as I was. So I must change that.

Now keep in mind, since these pictures were taken, I have sold a couple of things, and bought a couple, er maybe more than than a couple of things 🙂 But I completely forgot about sharing these. And they aren’t the best pictures, because well, try taking pictures of bags with little boys running everywhere and a baby trying to eat them all.

So without any further stalling here is it. I think it looks like less with everything crammed together but it still looks like a lot. Honey, if you read my blog, skip over these pictures, you may have a small heart attack and tell me I don’t need anymore bags. But we all know that will never happen 😉

IMG_2626The boys thought it was so much fun. Mason kept rolling over and stealing things and Carter would try to rearrange for me.


Carter just wanted to move things around for me. It was not helpful.


My little bag eater. There is something about JuJuBe that babies like to eat.


Mason kept turning around and just looking at them. It was actually really funny. I think he just didn’t know what to think about them all.


You can’t really see the Super be’s and Mighty be’s on the back, they were too flat. Everything is all a jumble but I really had no where big enough to do it.


My coin purse collection. I was missing the custom make Purple Paisley. I have since found it. Tyleigh had stolen it and it was on her desk. I also now have um, 4 more, but 3 are the same print and I was thinking of selling 2 of them.


My Be quicks. I sold 2 of these and have only added one.


Beautiful Be Sets. I sold the Choco Cha Cha(top left one) because I had nothing else that it matched and had not used it in at least a year. Actually a lot of things I haven’t used. I used the pink flowers/orange zipper(Fuschia Blossoms) with a big bag I have for my Jamberry supplies now.

So yes, some of you may think I have lost my mind. I have only bought a little more recently when the new Tokidoki print came out. And a Christmas present for Tyleigh, oh that reminds me, this does not include any of my children’s bags. They have some too 🙂


My kids and my Ju Ju Be

I finally found the picture of Carter with my first Ju Ju Be, the Citrus be mine

carterHe would sit and chew on it while we would watch Justin play hockey. Wow, has he ever gotten big!

rileyBoy is this a long time ago, actually these photos were both around the same time, February 2011. He has grown up so much,  and he doesn’t use that Cloud Break Mini Be anymore. But its good for the little boys still!

Here was  a stash picture from awhile ago. It was in my photobucket so I’m not sure how long ago!


Some of it is the girls stuff too, lol, ok not much though

IMG_6285I love this picture of Carter eating pudding wearing his Cobalt Blossoms be neat. See Ju Ju Be doesn’t just make cute diaper bags! These are the best bibs ever. They clean so well and have a magnet closure. We love them.

IMG_4426 Tyleigh and her Cherry Lemonade Be light. It is actually a tote but there is a special way to make it a backpack, works great for girls. Each of my girls own their own Be Light and Be mine, they also have a couple of coin purses and be quicks.

And just look at this sweet little boy


Mason is carrying on the chewing on Ju Ju Be tradition.

1234309_10151824362681508_1010838498_nAnd because I am doing this on my laptop I can’t find any pictures of Hayley and I doubt there was ever a picture take of Justin and Ju Ju Be 😉

I sold some of my Ju Ju Bes

and I mailed them off today. It was kind of sad. I have sold a few things here and there over the years but because they didn’t work for me. These did, I just never used them. One I had two of, my purple paisley be quick and the other was a Choco Cha Cha Be set. It was really beautiful. But it was the only thing I owned in that print and I haven’t used it in at least a year and a half. So I sent it on to someone who would love it.

I know I am not the only Pink Lady who is sad to sell things. And so far I haven’t regretted any of the things I sold.

So this post is in remembrance of all the Ju Ju Bes I have had and let go.

purple spicy

Purple Paisley Be Spicy
She was just too awkward for me with the bottle pockets on the outside and how heavy when packed. But the print is gorgeous.


Cherry Lemonade Checkabe
I bought this on babysteals not thinking about Canadian checks being different than American.


Blue Bouquet Be Smart
Having the same shape as the Spicy, it just doesn’t work for me. And no messenger strap.


Perky Perennials Be Thrfty
Love the print just too much wallet for me


Perky Perennials Be Major
Just didn’t like how stiff it felt so I got a Vanilla major and it was perfect

Sweethearts coin purse The print looks too much like a uterus

Sweethearts coin purse
The print looks too much like a uterus


Sweethearts BFF
I actually won this at the 2012 Ontario Get together. But I sold it due to the uterus. I tried to like it.


Cinnamon Be Mine
Was a gift with purchase from a store, just never even opened it


Cinnamon Business Be
Another gift with purchase, but I already have this


Choco Cha Cha Be Set
So beautiful but I am way too OCD and like to be matchy.

purple quick

Purple Paisley Be Quick
I love the print but I have two of these and figured I don’t really need two.
I am trying to downsize. its not going so well.

I know I also sold a wallet once, a Dizzy Daisies Be Rich. But I can’t find a picture right now. And I think that may be all I have ever sold. I am hoping to be able to let go of more. Its hard. I really am a hoarder. And they make me happy. My husband tells me not to sell any. He doesn’t want me to be sad and miss them. I keep telling myself they are only bags. Maybe someday I will believe it 😉

You want to see it all, don’t you?

Go ahead, admit it. You want to know if I went off the deep end as much as I say I have. I will admit it, today I got everything out, ok everything but 3 small things I couldn’t find and the girls bags.

But before I decide to bare my soul, you need to know more about the amazing women I have met because of the Pink Room.  We all know women can be unkind. I have had my share and its probably why I don’t open up easily in the real world. But in the Pink Room we have something in common. We all like diaper bags. It joins us together. Most of us also love helping each other too. I am lucky that I have been able to help others get the bags they wanted and I have had a few do the same for me. I have even gotten to meet some of them. Some of them hold a very special place for me and I know we will always be friends.

Shortly after I joined the Pink Room I joined a weight loss competition a few mods held.  I entered, hoping to to encourage myself, never expecting to win a thing. We paid a fee and each week we did challenges. I found myself succeeding at those challenges! And I won a weekly price and then after the entire thing was over, I won second place! I had the highest amount of pounds lost and the second highest percentage of weight. I had never been so proud of myself. I never thought I could do it. but I did, and I didn’t just do it on my own. I did it with these other strangers, some who have now become my friends, who supported me and pushed me.

I have gained back a lot of weight. I got pregnant and my Dad died all at the same time and then started bleeding. My doctor didn’t want me exercising and I was depressed over my Dad, so I didn’t take care of myself as much as I should have. But every time I look at that bag that I won, I am reminded that I can do this. I will do this again. To everyone else, its just a bag, but to me it is so much more. It is the proof that I can do anything I set my mind too. And I will again. As soon as this baby starts letting me have some exercise time again.

But for anyone who looks at the JuJuBe community and thinks we are all mad. It isn’t just about the bags. There are members who only have a few, or none at all, or some that have way  more than me. I have met grandma’s and women with no children. Pink Ladies who have been there since the beginning and some who joined yesterday. We get to talk to the owners of this company and they listen to us and care about what we want.  It may just be a diaper bag company but for many of us, it is like our family.  I joined Befit 3 times, the first being where I did my best.  They no longer do this in the Pink Room so I feel lucky I had the chance.   The chance to see what I was capable of.

So for now, I will leave you with my Befit prize. I had won a $100 credit to Shop Ju Ju Be back in spring 2011. I chose the Perky Perennials Wannabe as my prize and paid the extra $60 to get it.  It is custom to take pictures of babies in bags in the Pink Room. But both my little boys wanted in 🙂

wb carter in wb boys in wb

Now on to more Ju Ju Be

So after probably eternity, or about a month, my Gilt order finally came!

I was super excited. I had ordered a Purple Paisley Be Spicy and a Cloud Break Mini Be. I had not planned on Riley taking over the mini but he did and he looked adorable so I let him use it. And now Carter uses it too since Riley has a real school backpack.  And sometime in there I bought a Blue Bouquet Be Smart with a pouch. I told you I went a little over board.


But aren’t they so bright and cheerful. Just looking at them made me happy and I would practice packing them and unpacking them trying to find just the right way.


This was my JuJuBe stash at the end of January 2011. I thought this was a nice looking group and wouldn’t need much more

I didn’t tell anyone about my new hobby. I knew no one would understand. So I just kept visiting the Pink Room. And I met people like me. And some I thought were crazy. There were some of these diaper bag obsessed women who had so many bags. They would take pictures. I would look at those pictures and think why do they need so many?! I would never need that many bags. And why the same bag in different prints. That just makes no sense. Hahaha, how little did I know….

I know you have been waiting

I’m sure you have been on the edge of your seats waiting for more about my addiction.  In the beginning it was innocent enough. I joined the Pink Room and started dreaming of what bag I would save up for. Funny that first bag was actually one of the last I ever tried. Then Ju Ju Be came up on another deal site. This time it was Gilt. It was right after Christmas and my wonderful husband told me I could get something. I agonized over what to get and still regret not getting something I chose not to. Gilt takes awhile for shipping so I knew it would also be a long time until I got my bags. So I started looking at the b/s/t in the Pink Room. Now Pink Ladies take very good care of their bags. Often they still look brand new. I found one I fell in love with. Back then I still thought the colors of my bag should match the gender of my child. Oh silly me. But I will still always hold a special place in my heart for that print. So, in reality, even though I had ordered 2 others on Gilt, my first real Ju Ju Be diaper bag was a Blue Bouquet Packabe.


Behold the beautiful Blue Bouquet Packabe. She will be forever with me. Even if I only use her once a year.

For those of you who know Ju Ju Be, you know their bags are not like normal diaper bags. They are beautiful for one 😉 They can also be washed in the washing machine. Seriously, how fabulous is that? I have had some nasty stuff spilled in my bags and just toss it in a pillow case and it comes all clean. The have magnets instead of velcro and all metal hardware. There are hooks to clip their special stroller hooks on and pockets all over, they are just the best bags ever.

So after I got my BB packabe I kind of went overboard, as happens often to new Pink Ladies. You get caught up in the need to try every single type of bag. And then there are the different prints! So I went on to buy a be light in Groovey Garden. I used to to carry my baby wrap in. And so I had my first little stash shot.  But this isn’t overboard, not yet.


I have a bit of an addiction problem

Its not what you might think. It all started about 3 years ago. I don’t know how long before that it was, but I became a fan of a website called Babysteals. Babysteals is a daily deal site that offers deals to moms on baby related items. I was showed this site because a friend on one of my playgroups is  close friends to the owner. I bought here and there. But summer 2010 I started seeing these diaper bags. They were expensive bags at around half the retail cost. I would see these bags and think, “I can’t even afford to buy them at half price, or would even want to!” So it went on, I was always intrigued by them but never ordered and most of the time they were sold out before I got there anyway.

So one day, I think it was in November, I said what the heck, they had some cute little wristlets on, I think they were under $20, so I ordered one! I was so excited to see what it was all about.

When it came, I knew. I knew what all the fuss was. I knew why they were so loved. This wristlet wasn’t just a wristlet, it was beautiful and made so well, and well, Carter loved it. It was the only thing that made him happy when we had to go to Justin’s hockey practices. He would sit and hold it and chew on the strap. I have a picture of him somewhere with it. But because I can’t find it right now you will have to be happy with the wristlet alone. Yes I photograph my bags. Well, I had thought about selling this one, then I couldn’t bear to so I kept it. But I haven’t used it in awhile.

cs mine

This is only the beginning. There will be more. But this is the story of how I became a Pink Lady. Pink Ladies are members of the Pink Room. The Pink Room is  special message board set up for addicts like myself. This only begins the story of how I became a Ju Ju Be addict. Stay tuned 😉