Citrus Lane August Review~”Back to school”

I am so behind on my box reviews! I didn’t get my Citrus Lane box till almost the end of August so I kind of forgot about it. And then we got busy with getting ready for back to school so even though it’s late, here is my August Citrus Lane review 🙂


In case you don’t know about Citrus Lane, it is a monthly subscription box for babies up to age 4 I believe. My box was for a 7 month old boy. I did forget to take a picture of the card with all the products and now it has gone missing, that’s what happens in our house of chaos 😉 But on to what was inside!

IMG_2664This box was actually a pretty full box! I love when boxes are full and I feel like I got lots of goodies to go through.

IMG_2665I will go ahead an mention this first because this was my least favorite thing in the box. We got the same card a few months ago and I never used it because at the time Fab Kids only had girl clothing. The back of the card gives a code for a free outfit(valued at $39.95).  I saw on the Citrus Lane website they extended the offer expiration to the end of Sept., which is good because I didn’t get to use it. I normally don’t mind these types of things but I haven’t heard the best of the customer service for Fab Kids, but I think I will give them a shot and get one of my boys and outfit this time. I do wish they didn’t do this twice in a matter of a few months. We have been getting these boxes since February of this year so twice within that time.


Next is a book, Cleo’s Color Book. In our house, books are always welcome, so getting a book for me is always good. And it is a nice sturdy book that even if Mason chews on it, won’t get too damaged.


Next was 3 sample packs of Weleda baby rash cream. I have seen this at the store and always think to try it but never have so its nice to get a sample before spending the money.  I don’t think this is good for cloth diapers though, but will have to check to be sure. Anything creamy usually isn’t but I haven’t had to use these yet so I’m not sure if they are creamy 😉

IMG_2668This is a Rich Frog stacker toy. It is super cute but Mason pulls it apart really easily, it actually doesn’t velcro together well at all. It is cute and for a baby toy, he likes it but it does not stay together. I probably would never have bought it just for that fact but its cute.



Now this was probably my favorite thing in the box! I have been wanting something like this to strap onto our Sophie the Giraffe when we go out. It is by ah goo baby. Its actually called a bottle strap but you can wrap it around a toy also. Since we don’t use bottles and Mason is not drinking from cups it is a toy holder.  It can hook onto strollers with another end of velcro. I do not hook it on the carseat though because anything on the handle isn’t safe.


This was probably my least favorite item(next to the Fab Kids voucher I guess). They are hand sanitizing wipes by Clean Well. Normally I don’t mind getting wipes because we always need hands cleaned but these have a very strong orangey smell that I just don’t care for. I will either give them to my husband to keep in his truck or leave them in the van for emergencies.

Overall I think the August box was pretty good. I got some things I like, some things I didn’t. But you are always going to get something you don’t or do like. And that’s the risk you take for getting subscription boxes.

I pay monthly $25.00 for my Citrus Lane box, you can get longer subscriptions and save money and shipping is free.  You can save $10 on your first box by clicking here


July Citrus Lane review

I have been sick so I got my box but haven’t had the energy or time to try and get this done. So finally here is my Citrus Lane review for July for a 6 month old boy! Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box that sends out age specific items. This was the box I signed up for the day my baby was born and have been getting it ever since.


There was no card in my box this month, which is odd because there is always a card telling me what we got! I have seen this happened a lot this month, no clue why. Not really a big deal to me.

First we got a Tiny Love Tiny Smarts Jittering Activity Toy. It is really cute and my 6 month old loved it, the 3 year old did too 🙂 I do wish it wasn’t meant to be a clip on toy because it has a big hard clip on one end that you can clip on a stroller, I put it on the toy bar for our rocking chair he sits in but he likes to hold it. It was a nice little toy.  Amazon price $8.49Image

The next item is a Zoli on-the-go formula and snack dispenser. I love anything that stores snacks, however there were two snack containers sent out in Citrus Lane boxes and I wish mine was the other one. The one I got has 4 little sections and then a top(with a lid) that you can pour out. This would be perfect for a mom who uses formula but since I don’t, I would have rather had the other, the other one was a 3 sectioned container with a little handle. Now you get what you get and that’s the nature of subscription boxes. I will use this, no doubt.  I found this on Albee baby for $14.99.Image

Next was a pouch of powdered baby food by Nuturme. It says it is dried organic food. I guess it would come in handy if you were out and you could mix it with water. We got the carrots, raisins and sweet potato flavor. Since my baby isn’t yet eating solids I will put this away till he is.  I found an 8 pack of this on for $13.49 so this makes the value of my one pack $1.69.Image

Next we got two samples from California Baby. I have always thought about trying their products so this is nice. I got a sample of aloe vera cream  and a sample of calming shampoo and bodywash. They are just sample sizes so a couple of uses so no real way to put a value on them.Image

There was also a card for 10 free Postagrams. I have never heard of Postagrams before so I had to look it up. Postagram is an app that can turn your cell phone photos into postcards and then mail it to your friends and family. Because I live far away from my family I love this idea! So I will definitely give it a shot and maybe end up using it after my 10.

Finally in my box I got a 1 oz packages of Moravian cookies. They are Meyer lemon flavor and I really want to try one, but they contain dairy and I have had to eliminate dairy while feeding the baby. So I may try to hang on to them or give them to the kids in the house that can eat dairy. I found this for sale on a bakery site ( for $1.99 for this size.Image

The total for this box not counting the 2 California Baby samples is $27.16.

This box costs $25/month, if you choose a 6 month membership you can get the box for $21 a month(billed up front) Save $10 off your first month’s box by clicking here

Overall, I think this was a good box. We will use everything in the box.