What was I thinking?

I had the bright idea to go to Toys R Us today. My 2 year is absolutely obsessed with tools. And I mean obsessed. ¬†My husband tries to be so sweet and let him play with his tools and they are now spread out all over our house. Besides being a bit dangerous, I can never find a screwdriver when I need it. So yesterday I was looking for toy tool sets online. I accidentally clicked on a Home Depot tool bench while Mason was sitting with me. BIG MISTAKE. He was even more obsessed. Wanted to sit and stare at the picture all day saying tools, only he has a speech delay so it comes out like the sound a drill makes ūüėČ

The day went on and he would get so upset if I tried to use the computer. While I made lunch I found you tube videos of kids with the tool bench, he loved that. On the way to school he had to stare at my phone with a screen shot of the tool bench.

I soon discovered this tool bench was on sale but was no where to be found, or so I thought. I ended up calling a local Toys R Us and she said yes they had 1 in stock. I had thought I could get it for his birthday, but knowing it was no longer being stocked I knew I had to go now. My thought process is well poor Mason is stuck home all alone driving me insane while the kids go to school. He has been a terror the past week wanting me to constantly occupy his time. I thought, well, this would be really good for him to play, he will play tools all day!

So we hopped in the van and went on our way, had to take the stroller out because I needed the room for the giant box. I used my Tula(baby carrier) and put Mason on my back, Carter is off school today, so he walked. Surprisingly he actually did better than normal. ¬†Now the kicking 2 year old on my back was another story. ¬†A bathroom break with a baby on my back and if you’ve never done that you have no clue just how hard it is to pull your clothes back up, of course I had to have super long skirt on today, then we were out of there.

I left Toys R Us not feeling totally irritated and annoyed like I typically do when we go somewhere, of course this was a super fast trip for the workshop and a couple small toys for the boys, I always have to get one for Riley when we go because we don’t want him left out when the other two boys get one.

Now this is where we get to the what was I thinking part.  Mason fell asleep in the van, as usual, so great, no nap at home. We drive 40 minutes, get home and of course he has to wait up, saying tools tools. The boys helped me get the box into the house.

I set to work. I have to admit I am usually the sticker person. My husband always has put together everything, kitchen sets, cars, whatever, I do the stickers cause he always messes them up. I have never attempted to put something this massive together, and I now know why.

To start with, I of course couldn’t find any decent screwdrivers! And none of the holes were actually holes. So I had to ram a screwdriver through the hole to get it started to then screw it in. Of course I could only find itty bitty screwdrivers so by the time I got to the 3rd screw my hand was on fire. I think I did two more before I said screw it and when to find the drill, letting a bee in the house that has since disappeared. ¬†After I got the drill things went smoother, well as smooth as it can go with a 2 and 5 year old “helping”.

An hour and a half later and it’s all put together, but the stickers will have to wait. They are enjoying playtime. I can’t believe how exhausting that was. ¬†Never again. I will leave the assembling to my husband and remain the sticker person from here on our.